Pakistan Sends in Pigeon Infiltrators!!! India Boosts Up Security!!

spy pigeon

HELP !!!! We are being ATTACKED by Pakistani ………………………. Kabootars πŸ˜›

A few days back the Gujarat Coast Guards caught a Pakistani Intruder, a Pigeon, at the Vadinar Marine.

Apparently the Coast Guard had been tracking this Pigeon for quite a few days and they finally caught it when he stopped at the jetty to have a drink of water.

The Pigeon was carrying a chip in one leg with “Benjing Dual” written on it and a Ring in the other leg with the number “28733”. One word “Rasul-UL-Allah” was written on its wing in Arabic language!!!

Enough to send Alarm Signals flying all across the coast, which reached till the Home Ministry and Rajnath Singh.

Our PM, Modi has ensured that National Security forces were deployed quickly and the Pigeon was taken into custody, though it protested furiously by flapping its wings πŸ˜€

If our drunk sources are to be believed, the Pigeon was then thoroughly Strip Searched by the ATS πŸ˜›

No wonder Devyani Khobragade plans to take a Morcha against the ATS!!! πŸ˜€

While the Jury is still out on what to do with the Pigeon, there have been varied reactions from everyone, if my sources are to be believed (which no one does, not even me πŸ˜‰

One faction of the Indian Govt has alleged that this is a Pakistani ISI Attack due to the Arabic words while another faction claims that it’s a Chinese Infiltration because “Benjing” sounds a lot of “Beijing” and “Dual” might mean a Double Agent …. hmmmm!!

Subramanian Swamy however, claims that the Pigeon was actually a Viraat Hindu who was first converted into a Christian (hence the ring) and then converted into a Muslim (hence the Arabic words).

The Christian Rights Group has started a big protest against the government demanding why only minority Pigeons are being targeted while all the Pigeons near Siddhivinayak Temple are allowed to roam around freely !!! πŸ˜›

MIM Leader Owaisi went and made a fiery speech declaring this act as an open targeting of the Muslims!!!

Across the border, Bilawal Bhutto, has taken a press conference and said “We will get back the Pigeon and We will get back Kashmir too”!!!

While the Press tried hard to not let their cameras fall off while laughing πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Smriti Irani has, however, declared that the Arabic Words on the wings were very unpatriotic. She has ordered that all Pigeons who fly in India will be allowed to have only Sanskrit words written on them!!!!

She is also planning to declare one of these days as the National Sanskrit Kabootar Day in all the schools with mandatory optional attendance.

The last I heard, she was debating on whether she should have it on Good Friday or Easter πŸ˜›

Yogi Adityanath has demanded custody of the Pigeon as they would like to do its Ghar Wapsi.

No, No!!! He doesn’t want to strip the Pigeon off his Ring and Paint over the Arabic words and declare him a Hindu, He just wants to send the poor Pigeon back home!!! Why don’t you guys ever believe that Yogi Adityanath can do something good huh?? πŸ˜›

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to offend the Pigeons, in any manner. We don’t want them shitting on our head every time we walk out πŸ˜› As for others who might be offended …. Section 66a is off, so take a hike πŸ˜€

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