Hey Pretty Women, These Things About Your Body Are Beautiful

Things that are beauties in disguise

Things that are beauties in disguise – Women, I know that you are always judged on everything natural and unnatural on your body be it scars, marks, fat, clothes, make-up or tattoos.

But do you know what? You really need to let peoples shove their “unwanted” conceptions and assumptions in their arse with all the strength they have which they usually use to judge you.

There is nothing in the world that can make you feel bad about yourself and bring down your confidence level.

You are beautiful no matter what and you should be proud of your body in every way possible. Here are 4 things that seemingly are built-up by people to bring your confidence down but these are one of the most beautiful things about your body.

So here we go things that are beauties in disguise:

Things that are beauties in disguise

  1. Stretch Marks: First of all, it’s the most natural thing that occurs in the body of any human being as their skin expands and contracts because of any reason which may include putting-on weight, losing weight, pregnancy etc. It’s just a symbol of change that has occurred in and on your body and there’s nothing that should put you down because of this.

Things that are beauties in disguise

  1. Belly Fat:How can the place of fat or flesh accumulation decide if you’re sexy or fat? I mean extra flesh on your breast make you sexy and extra flesh on your belly makes you fat. Does this even make sense to you? Flesh is flesh no matter where it is present be it booty, boobs or belly flesh is a part of your body and no categorization seems relevant on the basis of the part it is present on.

 Things that are beauties in disguise 

  1. Scars:

Scars are nothing but a symbol that you have been strong at some point of your life. These marks are left on one’s body after a wound which might be accidental or self-made. And in both the cases it depicts strength. You should never be ashamed of them at any cost because just like your tongue, neck, arms, and lips they are also a part of your body which is okay to exist. We are humans and marks are okay. There’s nothing to feel bad about them.

 Things that are beauties in disguise

  1. Body Hair: I must remind people again, that women are human beings too. And getting natural traits of a human body is no crime committed by them in any of the assumed ways. The hair on scalp and eye-brows are fine then why not on your upper-lip, arms, legs, under arms and genitals. In fact, what’s the harm in being hairy and what is so shameful about these? Are you ashamed of your eyes, your mouth, your face or anything? Then why are you ashamed of your hair? It’s okay to be hairy and theirs is nothing about them that makes you less beautiful.

 Things that are beauties in disguise

These are the things that are beauties in disguise – It’s not just about these 4 things that are pretty in disguise, it’s about everything which only enhances your beauty if you think in a way. These are some of the naturally occurring things which are absolutely fine. And feeling low-key about them doesn’t make sense to me. Just remember that “You are beautiful” and there’s nothing that has the audacity to change that.

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