What? Did You Know These 8 Unbelievable Facts About Your Vagina?

facts about Vagina

Facts about Vagina – Vaginas are a taboo. Yes, an organ is a taboo and that too globally.

Vaginas are an integral part of womanhood and are definitely an asset.

Vaginas are not only an organ to pee, shed blood, have sex and produce babies, they are much beyond that. This little oval opening in a woman’s body holds n number of secrets in itself which will surely force you to bite your tongue.

This little charmer holds storms inside that no one ever noticed, so here’s now that we’ll leash all its deep-dug secrets in front of you all. This is what it’s all about:

Facts about Vagina

  1. Did you know that women get a different type of sexual promotion just like men do? Men get boners and women get a different type of hormonal movement which can cause their vaginas to expand upto 200%. It’s not necessary but it surely can happen.
  2. Hymen, which is a very thin membrane inside the vagina, generally used to specify the virginity of a woman comes in different shapes and sizes. This membrane is so thin that it can break of at any point of time especially if the woman is involved in cycling, horse-riding, swimming and excess walking or running. It’s not necessary that a woman is non-virgin if she doesn’t bleed the first time she has sex. Moreover, who cares if she’s virgin or not? She’s human and that’s all that should matter.
  3. Vagina secretes such substances on its own which cleans it automatically. In fact, using vaginal cleaning fluids may tamper the natural PH Balance that your vagina has and prohibit it from performing the natural cleaning process.
  4. Women take longer to orgasm and if you are not able to have an orgasm during sexual intercourse then there’s no problem at all. According to a recent survey, around 16% of women don’t have orgasm while having sex, so it’s absolutely normal if you don’t; you have fun anyways, don’t you? (wink)
  5. There is a certain type of a gas release from vagina while having sex. These sound like farts and might act as one of the biggest embarrassments while you have sex but you need to know that first, they are called VARTS and secondly, they are okay because they occur while lubrication. You need to chill girl!
  6. This one is really important. According to some standards set by our dear society, women are beautiful only if they are hairless on the other parts of their body except their head. They make hair a big deal especially when we talk about pubic hair. Women often get rid of them in order to appeal more sexually wanted for their partners but the truth is that pubic hair protects the vaginas from infections. They are damn important!
  7. It has been medically proven that women get more powerful orgasms than men because their clitoris has 8000 nerves endings while a penis has only 4000. Well, now who’s the boss?
  8. One last thing for women; please be confident about your vagina no matter what complexion it has, what kind of an odor it has etc. it has been proven that women get bigger and better orgasms when they are confident about their vagina. Please have mercy on yourself and stop judging one of the greatest assets you have. Your V-J-J rocks!

These are the facts about Vagina – Aren’t these impossible to believe? Well they are, but these are one of the biggest facts that relate to vaginas and have been flown to readers in order to give answers to their questions. Isn’t this maddening?

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