How to spot a Bollywood villain

Here’s how you can spot a Bollyood villain. Just follow these steps!

Bollywood villains have their own brand of ‘scaring the hell out of the lead actors’ theory. We tell you how you can identify them. Take a look:

Crazy hairdo to creep the hell out:
If you haven’t got a hairdo that screams ‘I am crazy’, you don’t stand a chance to creep out the hero. A baddie has to have bad hair. That’s just how we roll.


Bald and not so beautiful:
If the producers don’t have enough funds to get the villain a creepy haircut or a truly scary wig, they simple shave the villain’s head off.


Demented half smile:
It was introduced to differentiate the villain from the main lead, if they both happened to be good lookers. But when they smile maniacally, you know you would be scarred for life.


Sporting glares. Always:
May be they are afraid of laughing while delivering their ridiculous dialogues or whatever, but they always wear a pair of glares that is meant to look totally badass.


Mere paas maa nahi hai:
Somehow, none of the villains seem to have maa ka aashirwad. Bollywood’s famed mommy sentiment is reserved for the righteous hero alone. That’s exactly why villains have all the fun. Duh.



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