How Mercury in Pisces Affects it Heavily

Pisces is the dreamy sign that revolves around kindness. Pisces knows how to love and treat people with compassion. Deep down inside, Pisceans are extremely caring people who will go great lengths to safeguard their loved ones. When you are walking with a piscean, he might offer you his coat selflessly when you are feeling cold. Metaphorically, a piscean looks like an impressionist painting done in realistic style. They will pick up the subtleties in the atmosphere like no one else could. They will even often appear as though they are tuned into some distant message or inner vision. Different planets bear different results in pisces but when there is Mercury in Pisces, the person has vivid dreams and intuitions. They will have their outwardly connections intensified if Mercury is present in their zodiac.

Pisceans make sense:

A Pisceans’s mind is abundant with imaginations. They are more directed by emotions than logic. Mercury will make pisces talk in voluptuous circles rather than straight lines. Mercury elevates the sensitive nature of a Pisces. When there is an overpowering presence of Mercury in Pisces, they are jarred by the loud noises. It turns their minds into a sponge to emotions. These people spend a lot of time brooding and reflecting on the aesthetics of life to enrich their own inner narrative.

However, Mercury bears a shadow side to the Pisces too. They become too much self-deceptive and start believing in things that are true in their minds and start lying. Their imagination, in this situation, tends to overpower their logical bent of mind and they start believing that whatever they are imagining is real.

One needs a lot of elbow-greasing to snap them off from the emotional realm and bring back to reality!

Furthermore, Mercury’s presence in the Pisces also gives them emotional upheavals. They tend to be evasive in their communication which seems so superficial that nobody trusts them.

They feel a pull towards everything aesthetic, which is a good sign:

When there is an overpowering presence of Mercury in Pisces, they feel an intrinsic pull towards anything artistic. These are the people who make great painters and singers. Mercury, so to speak, enhances the artistic taste of a Piscean and it feeds into their creative side too!

Mercury sometimes makes a Piscean vulnerable to people’s malevolence too. They grow blind trust on people and start believing in whatever they say. In this manner, they can be led astray by the manipulators and con artists. They have a hard time discerning truth from illusions. They fail to add logic to decision making and they feel almost half-choked when a situation like this emerges.

Apart from being divinely artistic, a Piscean will feel zoned out, have flights of fantasy, feel naive and gullible as the negative effects of the planet’s presence.

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