This is Why You’re Still Single, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Why The Zodiac Signs Are Single

“Why The Zodiac Signs Are Single” 

You’ve been alone for a very long time and nowadays people are asking you about it.

Sadly, you don’t have the correct explanation for this answer and that’s why, whenever a person ask you this “Q”, you’re like “Do you have a problem with me being single?” I know that these questions must’ve started pissing you off now. But, the questions are not gonna stop, right? And, it is not right to be rude to them. So, I’ve sorted everything for you. I know the correct answer behind why you’re single. Yes, thanks to your star sign.

Your sign reveals the reason behind why you’re single and (maybe) not ready to mingle. So, the next time, if somebody asks you “Hey buddy, why are you single?” just give him a straight answer. Well, only if you’re comfortable or else just be a rude ass. 😉

Why The Zodiac Signs Are Single –

  1. Aries

You’re pretty messed up in your life right now. In terms of love, you’re ready to fall in love but the only problem is that the guys who you are meeting are not good enough. So, you want to wait for a person who is attractive and smart and most importantly someone who shares same interest as you do.

  1. Taurus

You’re stuck. Yes, you’re also stopping yourself from falling in love with other people, cause’ you’re in-love with somebody else. Even though you should move on, the attraction-game is stopping you from doing that. In short, you’re in love with someone who is not in-love with you.

  1. Gemini

You’re simply not interested to invest your time in relationships. At this point of your life, you want to keep attraction at attraction level and that’s it. You certainly don’t need love and you’re happy with yourself.

  1. Cancer

You’re looking for a true love. You actually want a person who will appreciate you the way you do it. In the midst of giving love, you want the same kind of love back. Until and unless you don’t get a person who loves you the way you want them to, you quickly figure out that the person is not a real deal.

  1. Leo

To be honest, you want a partner who will match your expectation level. You think that you’re cool and amazing and that’s why you want someone who will have the same personality. So, until and until you don’t get that same-personality partner, you treat others only as “good-friends”.

  1. Virgo

You struggle hard to accept other’s point of view. So, it is hard for you to stay in a relationship with somebody. One more thing is that you’re ready to point out other’s flaws. And, this is the main reason why people don’t take you and your love seriously.

  1. Libra

You’re very possessive and you fear that this thing might get in-between your relationship. Even though you don’t agree, possessiveness is the root of your single status.

  1. Scorpio

You’re the jealous one. Yes, you take things slow and steady, but then you lose control. You act like a jealous lover who can’t see anybody flirting or talking to your partner. Well, this needs to be changed as quickly as possible.

  1. Sagittarius

You’re a sign who believes that love can happen later but focusing on future is much more important. In short, you work hard on a thing that benefit you and makes you happy. Right now, relationship is not your cup of tea.

  1. Capricorn

You simply don’t take risk. Even though you’ve feelings for someone, you don’t express it. You think too much and sometimes negative i.e. what will happen if I say yes and then I’m unhappy etc.

  1. Aquarius

The problem with you is that you try too hard. Sometimes, the try fails badly e.g. you’re attracted to someone, so you’ll try hard to make it a “thing” and somehow the opposite person ends it with a NO.

  1. Pisces

You’re a lovely soul and in terms of relationship, you want a person who’ll never leave you. Now, whenever you’re talking to a person you’re in love with, you express everything and you tell ‘em that all the Cinderella expectations etc…these things scares them off.

Why the Zodiac Signs are single – That’s why, even if a person is in-love with you, he/she will not take the risk of expressing it.

So, this was the reason behind why the zodiac signs are single. Any thoughts? Comment below.

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