The villains of the Dhoom series shine better!

Looks like the villains of the ‘Dhoom’ series shines better than the hero Abhisehk Bachchan. Ouch!

John Abraham was almost on the verge of being written off for his ‘wooden’ expressions and model-esque acting, before ‘Dhoom’ happened and changed the course for him! He wasn’t being taken seriously, but his bad boy act in the action-thriller gave his career the much needed push. Despite Abhishek Bachchan being the hero of the bike-riding-catching-the-crook movie, it was John who walked away with all the accolades.


Whether it was his long, silky mane that made girls go ‘awwww’ on him or his roguish charm that made us flock to the cinema halls, whatever it was, it sure worked as the movie went onto make crores at the BO and spin hit sequels!

When ‘Dhoom 2’ came out with the Greek God of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan playing the antagonist’s role, Abhi’s cop act was sidelined. Even though the two shared equal screen time and song and dance routines, it was Hrithik’s suave and sophisticate villain character that grabbed all the eyeballs. Ironically, Abhi’s real life wife Aishwarya Rai was paired opposite Hrithik and the two shared a passionate kiss onscreen that became the talking point of the movie. Ouch.


Although it’s the only series where Junior B’s acting skills have been appreciated, he’s still left on the sidewalk as the villains grabbed the headlines. Uday Chopra, in his only sensible role, perfectly plays second fiddle to Abhi and delivers a rather stunning performance. Overtaking the ‘hero’ as well. Well, that must suck for the main lead.

With the third installment boasting of Aamir Khan as the main villain, there’s no way Bachchan boy will be able to steal the limelight. The Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood does one film a year, and does a damn good job it. He does look menacing and mean in the trailer…sure to deliver all guns blazing (pun intended, of course). How this face-off turns out for the movie is what we would be closely watching for! Khan can play any role with a practiced ease is a given, but he especially shines in the negative hero role. Remember ‘1947 Earth’, anyone?

 Does Katrina Kaif have a role similar to Mrs Bachchan from the previous movie or would she play Abhi’s love interest? Would the makers bring back Rimi Sen who played Abhishek’s wife in the previous two movies.

We don’t why the villains shine a notch better than the hero, may be it’s just a cruel twist of fate.

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