Emotions You Go Through After Watching a #ScaryMovie

Scary movie

If you are familiar with Scary movie, you should know monster movies are different than the traditional horror genre and they do not scare you much, as they are fictional.

However, movies about ghosts and ghouls scare us because growing up we have heard our share of stories.

India is a land of such stories and connecting with a horror incident is not too difficult.

For people who easily scare, it goes without saying that a horror movie is the last thing on their list. In case you are one of these individuals, below mentioned are the experiences that you usually go through after watching a Scary movie.

At the time of watching a scary movie, you process a scene and guess the subsequent event that is about to transpire. This helps you to prepare yourself in suppressing the shock that other movie watchers might endure.


Once the movie is over, you have no control over your thoughts and you find yourself thinking about the most gruesome death scene in the film.


You also lose control over stealth, too, as anyone suddenly appearing in front of you or placing their hand on your shoulder scares the bejesus out of you.


Your walking speed to the bathroom at night is 200% faster than at morning. You wear your imaginary horse tacks, keep your focus ahead and get the job done quickly.


If by some misfortune you are working late at night, you look around for signs of possible movement. This gives you the most unbelievable chills.


On the scariest days, you prefer sleeping with the lights on. This clearly affects the month’s bill, where you see that the number have risen substantially.


Mirror is one of your foes, regardless of the time in the day.


While watching a scary film with your friends, you are the centre of attraction. Often times, there are instances when your friends have a laugh at your expense.


When someone invites you to a movie at the local theatre, your first response is refusing the offer.


Nevertheless, you realise that life is full of fun and sharing and expressing emotions. So, you eventually tag along and try to have a good time.


These are the side effects of Scary movie –

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