Sajid Khan And His Agent Girlfriend

While we are still recovering from the shock of Sajid khan’s last two movies, the news is already in the market, Sajid Khan is making another movie. It is a rip off of Korean movie “My Girlfriend Is An Agent”

In 2013, you needed to be a real Himmatwala to get out to the movie halls.

In 2014, you were busy looking under your bed to see if there were a couple of your ԻHumshakalshiding there.

And while you are still recovering from the shock of these last two years, while your wounds have yet to heal, while your scars are still very much visible … the most devastating news is already in the market.

‘ª‎SajidKhan is making another movie … Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Bhagooooooo!!!!

‘ª‎UTV has gone ahead and signed Sajid for yet another venture. Damn you, UTV!!!

If reports are to be believed, the movie is going to be a rip off of the huge Korean box office hit “My Girlfriend Is An Agent (2009)”.

The story is … lol gotcha there, didnt I?

Do Sajid Khan Movies have a story?

He can make a perfectly insane movie with no resemblance to anything with a story.

Sajid is right now busy looking to hire a star studded cast.

He has ordered some very very Skimpy Clothes for the auditions, to see which of his forthcoming Heroes will look good in them.

His writers (??) are busy writing a new set of shudder-creating creepy gay jokes, even as they browse through “How to be an Idiot and Get Away with Being Called Funny, for Dummies – Vol III”

Along with the Gay jokes, you can also expect some Cleavage jokes and scenes too.

After all, cleavages are in news these days

His lyricists have also suddenly become busy. They are trying to find the suitable words which can fit a song titled “Voicemail Voicemail”.

There are rumors which say that Tamanna might, once again, be a part of this movie. Apparently Sajid has yet to find someone who can replace her in looking Sexy, Hot and Dumb all at the same time, but you never know.

I don’t think they have yet decided on a name for this upcoming torture technique. But going by the past penchant of Sajid’s love for the letter “H” and his inclination of taking inspiration from anything and anyone stupid, perhaps he might name this movie “Half Agent Half Girlfriend” … what say Chetan Bhagat?

Don’t worry Mr. Bhagat, this gives you an opportunity to go and cry in the media saying that Sajid tried to steal your story and didn’t give you enough credit for it … eh??

The atrocity (no, I refuse to call it a movie) is set to be released in 2015, so that should give you guys enough time to pack your bags and leave the country.

For all those who are already scared, the good news is that ticket bookings with special “Get out of India” packages have already begun with destinations ranging from the Amazon Jungle to the Sahara Desert, where hopefully this movie will not be screened.

Book early to ensure a confirmation!

For all Sajid Khan Fans, who are looking forward to watch this movie, a special 14 seater Tempo Traveler is going to be arranged to take you for the show.

Hopefully you will find enough fans to fill it so that a seat does not go waste.

If you do have some empty seats, just near the Parliament or Assembly and scream out “SEATS AVAILABLE” and some or the other politician will jump in

Disclaimer: This post is in no way supposed to be insulting to Sajid Khan. If Sajid Khan finds it insulting for any reason, I recommend that he watches one of his recent movies to understand what insulting a viewer means!

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