Most Amazing Movie Theatres Around The World You Should Visit At Least Once

Amazing movie theatres – Most of us spend a lot of money for occupying those seats in the theatre equipped with cup holders and armrest. Watching movies in much Cineplex and Multiplex may be boring and mind numbing all the time.

What about watching a movie sitting inside a boat in between an island? Excited enough, huh!

Here we decide to bring you some of the most Amazing Movie Theatres around the world.

Amazing Movie Theatres – 

  1. Sci-fi Dine-in Theatre

Sci-fi Dine-in Theatre is one among the famous theatre At Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This theatre is situated in Los Angeles and is one among the best-themed theatre where you can enjoy the movie sitting inside a car like booths. The movie screened here dates back to 1950’s and 1960s.

Amazing Movie Theatres

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