Forget Morality – Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Recommendation Of Open-Book Exam Makes Total Sense

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The Bihar mass cheating videos, when released last week, spread like wildfire. Every news channel in India wanted to telecast the desperation of parents in helping their ward clear the board exams.

I mean who wouldn’t want to miss the action wherein parents and relatives climbed walls of the examination centre just to throw a few chits towards their children, right? The video did, however, leave many people awestruck.

Parents and relatives assisting their wards during exam in Bihar

Parents and relatives assisting their wards during exam in Bihar

One would only have have to wonder what the local government will do as a precautionary measure to ensure such repetitions never occur. Maybe they are trying even, though it is unclear as to how they would bring it into picture.

Nevertheless, it is Lalu Prasad Yadav, the former Chief Minister of Bihar, has the perfect solution.

While addressing the audience at a recent function, the Bihar politician said, “Had it been my government we would have given books to examinees to write”.

Lalu Prasad Yadav addressing the audience at a public function

Lalu Prasad Yadav addressing the audience at a public function

Isn’t it thoughtful of him? Who would not want one such person leading them on an international scale?!!

Seriously, think about it. Picture around 60 students in every classroom writing answers to the questions diligently…WITH A BOOK RESTING BY THEIR SIDE FOR REFERENCE!!!

Yadav’s support of the open-book exam will ensure that no student fails an examination in the foreseeable future. Wouldn’t parents love that; wouldn’t children appearing for the exams love that?

If this exam system, for some reason, gets implemented, this is how our daily lives would change –

– No mother, before her child leaves for the exam hall, will have to take the pain of preparing dahi-shakkar, which apparently brings good luck.

– Parents would be spared the risks of climbing tall buildings to help their offspring clear one of the most important tests of their lifetime. Think of all the possible accidents the open-book system could successfully evade.

– Deepika Padukone making an appearance on one of the TV channels and speaking about depression created a lot of hullabaloo. With examination being one of the reasons for depression, which further leads students to committing suicide, open-book examination actually makes sense. No more killing self!

– Again, parents can live freely knowing that their wards would not practice any form of self-harm. No mother in Indian history would ever recite the dialogue from 3 Idiots like Farhan Qureshi’s mother did “Pareshan hai bechara. Khuda na kare Raju jaisa kuch kar baithe to”.

Lalu Prasad Yadav even managed in getting support from senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi. (Wonder what the other Modi has to say about this Modi’s interference with Bihar’s education system!) Supporting Yadav’s recommendation of open-book system, he said, “Open book system in examination is prevalent in prominent universities in America and elsewhere in the world. It has the logic that only student who has read the book could trace the answer”.

BJP politician Sushil Kumar Modi has offered support to Yadav's open-book exam

BJP politician Sushil Kumar Modi has offered support to Yadav’s open-book exam

Lalu Prasad Yadav’s history of bringing the Indian Railways a ton of profits during his reign as the Minister of Railways is known to everyone. Think of the drastic change (good…or bad) that he can bring to the education system in India, if he is some day elected as India’s Education Minister.

Godspeed, my Motherland.

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