Shahid Weighing Heavier Than Saif On A Scale: Time For Kareena To Reconsider?

Shahid, Kareena, And Saif Ali Khan, the story is a comparison between upward going career of Shahid Kapoor and almost a flop career of Saif Ali Khan. May be Kareena did a mistake choosing Saif…

Shahid Kapoor is back in action and like how!

One movie can change the fates of Bollywood superstars and going by the critical and commercial success of Haider, it seems Shahid’s career is revived.

It is too soon to define how his career will fly in a new direction, but one thing is for sure that he would no longer be an ‘also-ran’ among his contemporaries. He has arrived like a bang and the only way his career can go from here is up!

All this is heartening news, but on the other hand we have an ageing actor, Saif Ali Khan, whose every attempt to woo the masses has been a dud!

Whenever he tried to move away from his royal, niche class of acting his movies have fallen flat. Even his last major release, Humshakals, directed by Sajid Flop Khan, created such horror that many haven’t been able to come out of the trauma, yet!

With change in individual destinies, isn’t it obvious that Kareena Kapoor Khan might have gone on an over-analysing drive? Come on, it’s only obvious!

She dumped a young dashing Shahid for an aged but more successful at that time, Saif!

Too bad, right?

Things are pretty obvious here.

Shahid is young, has a mass appeal and now has garnered enormous amount of critical love as well to be a complete superstar now. Plus, he looks like a million bucks with that chiselled body every girl drools on.

Saif, on the other hand is a limited actor, is ageing really fast and his solo-projects don’t work at all, be it Agent Vinod or Bullet Raja! It’s another tragedy that even his multi-starrer projects can’t do much for his nose-diving career.

So what was Kareena actually thinking while hooking up with him?

For Kareena, she is hot and sexy and young enough to make sure that her career lasts for a very long time. In changed scenario, doesn’t it make sense that she should be with Shahid!

As such they both look like an amazing couple and with new found success for Shahid, he can provide Bebo the kind of luxurious life she aspires and deserves! Ahh, but she is married to Saif, you must be thinking! Well, celeb-couples parting ways is not news anymore and ex-flames heating up the love-scene is as old as the glamour world.

So, why not?

Well, if Kareena has started thinking on these lines, she is absolutely right, but what about Shahid?

Would he like to take her back in his life?

It’s like using a 2nd hand product, isn’t it?

Who knows, this time Shahid takes revenge by rejecting her the way he was rejected once by Bebo darling!

That would be quite a sight for sure!

Let’s wait and watch to see how this love-story pans out, but whatever happens, it will be one interesting tale of love!

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