Funny Videos of People and Animals That Will Set Your Mood All Right

Funny Videos

Funny Videos – It’s halfway through the week and weekends seem a far cry.

Everything seems yawn inducing now except the sight of good food.

The only saving grace now is humour, apart from the cat videos we watch in quick succession. In our previous articles, we have elucidated you on how to beat your boredom, even there was one article which shed light on the cutesy animals whose antics would fix your weekday blues.

Now, here are we again, bringing to you some funny videos that would make you roll on the floor laughing.

Adventure sporting is not everybody’s wheelhouse and this video is the proof. Now we know what epic fails look like!

Funny Videos –


Fat people falling never failed to induce our laughter, no don’t take me for a body-shamer but there is no denying these people having their tragic falls makes us laugh like crazy. Epic shit this one too!

Kids can be real pain in the ass. If you too have a bunch of naughty suckers in your house, you can so relate to this video. They are cute, naughty and their frolics make us heart melt. Aww.


Who says adventure sports are for fit people only? You only need to conjure courage, no matter if you fall thereby making some people burst out in laughter, you got to rise and try again.

And then there are supermarkets where people not only go to shop but do some frolic and gambol. Such jobless and lame people tickle our funny bones all right.

Judging by  Maria Carey’s song, there is a hero in us, there is an Olympian in every child. Don’t believe us? See them doing real funny and sporty stuff here. We bet you won’t be able to supress your laughter.


Whoa! What on earth do they think they are doing with that jumbo ball? There are more fun-soaked stuff in this video that will bring tears in your eyes from laughing.

Are you a prankster too? So much so, that people nurture sneaky doubt that you must be thinking naughty stuff always? Here, in this video you can draw some serious inspiration and never run out of ideas thereafter.


Like we have already said before, animals are funny to no end. These animals doing funny things will soothe your chaotic mind. You bet!

Like the caption rightfully suggests, you will laugh till you fart watching these drunk people attempting karaoke and failing miserably at that.


Last but not the least, This Mr. Bean video is so damn funny that if can make you forget your ex that you have been crying over for months in just a matter of minutes. Watch it, you will know.

These are Funny Videos – Humour is therapeutic and if you too are one of those people who seek refuge to humour when sad or exhausted, these Funny Videos are your sure go-to.

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