Girls, These 9 Things You Must Do Before You Get Married!


For a girl the life changes after marriage. The things that matter the most when a girl is a spinster, start to lose their meaning.

There are many aspects of life that fade away when the family and people around change. The priorities change and the lifestyle takes a 360 degree turn sometimes. Life becomes about ‘we’ rather than ‘me’.

Therefore, before the life alters, Girls – 9 things you must do before you get married. Absolutely imperative. After all, you need some interesting stories to tell your grandkids, right?

1.  Live Completely Alone For Few Months

Being on your own is the absolute sense of freedom which is very important to achieve before you dive into the whirlpool of spouse, and family, and responsibilities, and social norms. You may choose to be with a roommate, if being totally alone is not your idea.


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