The Kickass TGIF Quotes That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone All Right

TGIF Quotes

TGIF Quotes – Friday brings a new lease of life to us when rest of the week has wrested all energy.

Friday signifies the start of the weekend we so far have been beholden to. Of course, Friday is the coup de grace to the professional toil and going headlong into some serious partying with the hair down. As soon as we are ushered into the holiday, the plans start pouring in and we never want it to pass.

Fridays are made of party, wine, friends and everything sassy. We go out hopping pubs, send for some friends and do all the shenanigans one could think of. Catching up on fresh episodes on our favourite show in Netflix also remains in the bucket list. Fridays are just awesome and we can’t go without loving it.

Well, going by the internet jargon, TGIF stands for Thank God It’s Friday. And here are some TGIF quotes that will surely turn the house down.

TGIF Quotes –

Friday you sexy!

The week doesn’t seem to pass and it feels like forever for the Friday to come. Now that it’s finally here, rolling up the sleeves for some burning-the-dance-floor.

Who else loves Fridays here?

How can one go without loving Fridays, we all do. Of course.

Introspective Friday:

There was a lot of running from pillar to post all week. We went into murderous rage many times but the craving for Friday saved us from hiding bodies.

Because, Friday:

Because all we want is Friday, adrenaline soaked one!

No excuse Friday:

No abstinence from Beer too, gym can wait.

Thursday has to pass soon:

Our hearts race when Thursday happens. Friday is just round the corner bruh!

I instead be awesome on Fridays:

The whole week I remain tired, but I choose to be awesome on Fridays, also fabulous.

Get high on wine:

Because, I drink wine and I know things.

Friday should have a face:

We have this indomitable urge of kissing it.

We live in the couch on Fridays:

Fridays are meant to spread out on the couch doing nothing. It’s detox day for us.

Did you say Friday?

Just to make sure I am not dreaming.

these are TGIF Quotes – We also do some Friday dance on Fridays. Let’s forget, for the time being that another tiring week is waiting on the other side on the weekend. The weekend has to be made most of.

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