Dear Anurag Kashyap, touchy much?

Anurag Kashyap quits Twitter leaving fans disappointed

Yesterday for some bizarre reason unknown and unexplained, director-producer Anurag Kashyap quit Twitter with his last tweet being the following:

“Bye bye twitter… Enough feeding the wannabe journals…”

While fans are surely disappointed and have been discussing ever since what could the real reason be, many speculate it could be because of his “disappointment” over his production ‘The Lunchbox’ not being selected for Oscars.

We all have seen how the audience and the film fraternity reacted when The Good Road was announced as India’s official entry to Oscars over the much-hyped ‘The Lunchbox.’ Right after the announcement was made fans and celebrities turn to Twitter to vent their anger and some I really think were tweeting just to be a part of the whole chaos. But when producers of The Lunchbox, Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap, tweeted about being disappointed over the choice things started to get a little ugly.

Now this is a complete speculation as Anurag hasn’t come forth to state the actual reasons behind his quitting but if he really did quit Twitter as a sign of protest then I frankly think it’s juvenile. Support your movie wholeheartedly, that’s cool. But you can’t be declaring your movie to be the best choice!

The Lunchbox, going solely by the reviews, suggests it to be a wonderful movie and as many have been saying that since it has already won across international film festivals it had a golden chance to win Oscars. But my question is, and in particular to Anurag, would The Lunchbox had done better and gained recognition in India if it wasn’t backed up by Karan Johar and him?

I mean, really look at it this way. If Karan Johar wasn’t out and about promoting this movie everywhere it wouldn’t have had received attention let alone do such wonderful business. There’s no saying how the film industry works and if the said movie didn’t have such popular names behind it, it could have been one of those good movies you miss out on watching because you didn’t know it existed!

My only point is that it’s understandable to be disappointed over not being selected but in the end all that matters is that another good movie is representing our country internationally. So instead of fighting over what is better, why not just show some support for it? Surely Gyan Correa, director of The Good Road, too made his movie with sincere efforts and dedication. I would have understood the extreme outrage if ‘Chennai Express’ would have been selected for Oscars. Now that would be totally worth protesting for!

His wife Kalki Koechlin too was in news yesterday regarding her satirical video on rape which went viral on Youtube. Who knows, maybe some tweets from haters of the video just irked him and he decided to leave the Twitter world. There are too many crazy tweeters out there who thrive over trolling celebrities and already rape is already such a highly debated topic in our country with some people even justifying it.

But since this is all speculation we will have to wait to know the real reasons directly from Anurag Kashyap. Until then let’s hope we get to see his movies before he quits that too!

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