When Craving For Home Cooked Food, Use The Best Weapon To Satiate

Home cooked food

Home cooked food – It’s just been a while since you got back from home. And how much ever you want to hide those extra pounds you’ve gained, you fail. Trust me, every college mate you pass by is in the same situation.

When away from home most of us simply loathe hostel food and yearn for the ‘ghar ka khana’. The feeling is at its peak mostly when, exams come around and you don’t have anybody to pamper you with the food supplies.

Home cooked food

I fondly remember the time, when my mother handed me an electric cooker in the second semester of my graduation. I don’t really need it, was my thought at that instant. “Keep it. you’ll need it soon,” she had said. Only a few days later, when the craving for home cooked food had engulfed me totally, I realised what did she mean.

Living in a hostel or anywhere else away from home, we generally end up eating outside, splurging a lot of money and not even being happily satisfied with what we eat. The electric cooker is special fun when you’re amzaed to see the culinary talent hidden inside you. Not to forget that the fun doubles when you have roomies who are equally talented.

As far as your weapon is concerned, you can easily keep it in your room, use it whenever you wish you and most importantly, cook something which you will enjoy eating, without burning a hole in your pocket. Apart from maggi and basic white rice, you can cook pasta, chicken curry and a number of other dishes as well. It will also be useful when hunger pangs strike you at odd hours.

To know the dishes you could try with the electric cooker, click here.

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