6 Things Women Want You To Know About Their Breasts


Men tend to think a lot of things when it comes to woman breasts.

While breasts are something that men fantasize about, only women know how difficult it is to have at times. Women understand that you men love these two babies but at the same time, if you want to love them right, you need to know a few things about the same.

So, to sort it out for you and make you aware about everything, here are 6 things that women want you to know about their breasts.

  1. We love taking that bra off as much as you

Taking my bra off toward the day’s end is the second-best feeling to bringing your ruffle out of your hair by the day’s end. In fact, it’s much better. If not better, then at least it is as good as women say it is.

  1. I can’t find them at times

They are brief and move around and at times I don’t know where they went. For example, when I rest on my back and they apparently vanish into my ribcage. Boobs, where u at?

  1. They are jumpy

When I run down the stairs, I genuinely don’t see that I’m holding them. It’s only an automatic reaction. I’m not fondling myself for the sake of entertainment, it’s a vital move.

  1. One is bigger

One is greater than the other and I will really can’t let you know which one it is. This is valid for all ladies and any girl who says something else is deceiving you.

  1. I want to play with them the same amount of as you do

I now and again get myself altering a bosom or laying my hands on them out in the open without knowing how my hands arrived by any stretch of the imagination. Pleasant to know they’re still there, hanging out on my mid-section. Sometimes, we just play because we are bored.

  1. Bralletes just look pretty

Each one of those adorable little trim bralettes is pretty yet do actually nothing for me. It resembles wearing two or three paper doilies over my pinches. They look hot, sexy yet not in any manner handy. Moreover, they don’t protect our breasts the way we want them to.

Now, that you know almost everything we want you to know about our breasts, we hope you will be careful.

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