Let’s Face The Fact That We All Have Done These Things In College !

Things done in college

Things done in college – Everyone is naughty, especially during the college time.

It is always fun to think about the memories that every one of us has during the college days. Isn’t it?! We may possibly not get the chance to get back to the college days, but surely will have memories that are cherished for life.

We all have many memories and things done in college make us laugh and cherish now. And, also one crazy friend with whom we have acted insanely crazy. I am sure, you would have all by now – went back to those memories.

From bunking classes to sneaking out from the hostel, they are many crazy things that almost all of you have done. Now, you don’t need to shy away – here are few things that you gotta admit of having done them all at least once in your college days.

Things done in college –

  1. The entire gang of friends wearing the same kind of outfit or the same color.

Twinning goals is it!!Or probably, gang feels!! You all might have at least once planned to wear the same kind of outfit and act that to be a co-incidence. LoL.

  1. Bunking classes

College is all about bunking classes. Sometime’s all alone and sometimes with buddies. Mass bunk. Haha! Bunk and make it to a movie or to your favorite hangout place. I am sure you all might have got the best memories, during the bunks.

Things done in college

  1. Chilled out with friends in cafeteria

Set out for college, but not college. You see  common among all the college-going buddies. When asked what is the favorite place that they can hang out for hours together. The answer for sure shot would be ‘college cafeteria’.

Things done in college

  1. Try studying a day before the exam

Haha! The great study schedule, in fact. Study just a day before the exam day, and try gulping the entire syllabus at once. Expect to retain all that have been studied last night, till the exam.

Things done in college

  1. Tried copying from chits

What if the whole of the syllabus can’t be studied overnight? Simple answer chits to the rescue. Well, if you remember this – you might have also remembered getting caught red-handed for copying.

  1. Interact with juniors in a bossy way

Become big and bossy, when you know that your juniors are around. Hang out with them, call them by names, try pulling their legs. All when you know the freshers are here in the college.

Things done in college

  1. Fake attendance

Remember, giving your friends attendance too – when they are away. And, your friend helping you with your attendance, when you were away.

Things done in college

  1. Made excuses away from boring lectures

You – Sir, may you excuse me for 5 mins from the class.

Sir – For what?

You – Loo!!

The shy away, this is one famous excuse to escape from the boring lectures or class. Isn’t it!!

Things done in college

these are the things done in college – I could take you all to the memory lane, right?! Thanks to me then ‘wink’. The favorite part of one’s life that is loaded with lots and lots of memories – cherished for life.

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