These 8 Things Will Tell You That College Life Is Much More Than Just Education!


We all go to college to gain education, right?

But is that all we get from the colleges?

Is there nothing more to college life?

Well, we guess not.

The benefits of experiencing a college life in the prime years of your life, outweigh what you miss by not attending. Studies show that about 9 in 10 college grads from all generations said college is worth all the investment of time and money!

Here are 8 important pointers to tell you that college life is about much more than just education:

  1. Entrepreneurial Skills and Possibilities

Students go to college to learn and hopefully get a job in their chosen field after graduation. However, some create businesses and other entrepreneurial ventures right on campus. It’s not just the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world who create these startups, there are many who have proven themselves on the college ground itself.

  1. Dating, Love, Friendships and Relationships

When you’re single, college is like a big pond with lots of fishes; you know what we mean! *wink wink*

Jokes apart; although the days of people going to college to find husbands and wives are long over, there is still strong data that suggests that people are meeting their love interests and their romantic partners in the college itself. Love, friendships, inane college romance and even serious relationships start to bloom in the college life. And guess what, about 28% of married graduates attended the same college as their spouse. And it is not said for nothing that friendships that we make during college life, are for life!

  1. Discounts That You Reap 

College IDs can get you student discounts at restaurants, movie theatres, local attractions and amusement parks, even for gym memberships, shipping, travel and newspaper subscriptions. A variety of retailers offer online and in-store discounts for students, including Apple, Amazon.com, Flipkart, and more. Insurance companies and Travel Agencies also often offer discounts to college students who get good grades. Isn’t that super?

  1. Expanding Your Awareness 

Students on a college campus are exposed to peers from different backgrounds and experiences. They get to meet, learn about, befriend and understand people from different communities. Which is a huge plus, if you have to lead a life in today’s colourful world. It also provides some relief from the regular boring life. While it is appropriate to say that the true blue college life provides the opportunity to be exposed to experiences that may make students uncomfortable- socially, physically and emotionally. But then again, it is a learning for life. This new exposure leads to an expanded awareness of self and the world beyond. College expands your awareness of the world, your awareness of the human condition, your awareness of human aspirations, and your awareness of your own deepest aspirations.

  1. Creative Solutions You Learn

No matter what college you attend, living spaces can be small, dining halls may be far and budgets may be nil. College forces you to get creative with how you live. Being able to adapt to new situations is a skill you will carry into adulthood. College is a great time for students to experiment, try new things and be “sort of an adult.” One of the greatest benefits of college life is it can be a “good time to make mistakes in a controlled environment.”  That is where the inherent creativity of the students is enhanced, which is a huge huge giveaway of the college life.

  1. Travel Opportunities It Offers 

From study abroad to internships, class trips and volunteering, college life offers students the travel opportunities they may otherwise not have. Travel – domestic and international, is anyways invaluable for students. The exposure to places outside of students’ comfort zones can help them expand their views, meet new people and find their passion. Many colleges even have branch campuses in other countries that make it easier for students to stay on track with their studies while opening their minds.

  1. Networking Resources You Create 

Your final-year roommate may stay up until all hours of the night partying on the weekend, but in 10 years, she may be the lawyer you go to for advice. Your Gandhi Park study group may turn out doctors, financial advisors, engineers, web designers and other professionals. The network you make in college can help you build a well of great financial and life resources you can use for years to come. The friends you make in your teens and early 20s can impart the knowledge that will help you make educated choices down the road.

And Finally… the…

  1. Self-knowledge and Understanding 

Balancing school, work, dating, and a social life in a brand new community helps you to figure out what elements you need to lead a happy life. College life is not only a place for students to learn more about a chosen field; it’s also an excellent way to transition into adulthood, beginning with self-knowledge. As we know that colleges aim to empower students’ minds, but it can also empower students’ hearts through self-knowledge. In other words, college can bring the light of awareness, knowledge and understanding to your pursuit of real happiness for self.

So folks, this all that college life can bring to you and much more than this!

Are you still contemplating whether to be a part of it or not?

Good luck from the team of Youngisthan 🙂

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