Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom

In these difficult times when the world is virtually shut down by a virus, we are on the verge of a recession. Needless to say, many businesses will be shut down, many people will lose their jobs and our future looks gloomy but nothing stays for forever and this time would be no exception. And what would matter at last would be how high we bounce back! With that aim in mind, International and Alumni Relations Student Council along with The Other Side has come up with a podcast “From insti and beyond” to guide students exactly for the same.

In this pandemic situation, the life choices that we make are continuously changing. More and more people are turning to podcasts for fun, leisure, updates as well as for self- improvement. Podcasting, as one of the latest mediums to emerge into the mainstream, is one of the forefront technologies in this change. Podcast platforms have received an increase of 8-30% traffic on their platforms. We at IAR Student Council are also continuously evolving, going hand in hand with the changes in demands. We would be bringing to you these series of podcasts which will host various esteemed alumnus of IIT Madras who made it big in the corporate world to guide us past these dark times into the sea of opportunities that awaits for us! You as a listener, could benefit tremendously from hearing life stories and advice of these successful corporate bigwigs on various topics, spanning across career choices, personality development, entrepreneurial culture, work ethics, and resilience during these unfortunate times. We wholeheartedly believe this would be of a great service to you, in terms of giving a sense of direction, hope, advice on how to excel in the corporate world, build your own personal brand etc. These podcasts would also help you increase your impact in five major areas namely- i) Economic Impact  ii) Social Impact  iii) Entrepreneurial Impact  iv) Research Impact  v) Top Leadership Impact.

Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. You can listen to the podcast using the links below!

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