Salman Khan’s Take On Failure In Relationships Is HELPFUL!

Salman Khan failure in relationships

Salman Khan failure in relationships – Salman Khan has romanced many actresses in professional as well as personal life.

The only thing is, in movies, actresses and Salman Khan end up coming together whereas in person his relationships don’t last.

Undoubtedly, Salman Khan has experienced Failure in relationships. We all know about his relationship history and how it all went not so well.

For some people Salman Khan failure in relationships might be a sad thing but for Sallu Bhai, it is the loveliest thing. Surprised?

Well, you’ve read it right. Salman Khan dated actress Aishwarya Tai, Katrina Kaif… the list goes on and on.

He “Failed” to keep them going strong. But that doesn’t mean he’s upset about it. Salman Khan thinks that “Failure in relationships is the loveliest thing ever.”

He also thinks that “breakups are good”. Apart from all that, here’s what Salman Khan said in an interview and I think it’ll be helpful “If it doesn’t work, its Fine.

Take your time, don’t go for rebound. Someone better always comes along. Don’t let the pain of a breakup weigh you down. The angst and animosity are all going to die. Everyone is eventually going to be happy.”

Other than that, he also said: “Heartbreaks shouldn’t stop one from taking a leap of faith.”

Yes, you’ve read it right.

So, all those who are heartbroken out there, I hope this helps you. Let me remind you once again, “breakups are good.” There’s always a learning in breakups and that’s the reason it’s called good.

That is the reason you see Salman Khan so chilled when he’s asked about his relationship status. It seems he is positive and believes that there is someone who will love him endlessly.

Others out there, believe the same.

Would you like to share your thoughts on breakups? Comment below.

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