These Are The Least Selective MBA Programs in The US

Least Selective MBA Programs

Least Selective MBA Programs – MBA is a widely coveted professional degree which gets you noticed in the corporal forefront soon.

If you have pursued your MBA from a notable organization, there is no stopping for you in your career. The ones who go on to acquire an MBA degree after BBA, will score jobs as managers in companies and people from general disciplines too can opt for MBA as a professional degree.

In both the cases, MBA yields you great professional results. However, there is a vague idea among people that pursuing an MBA will do wonders if you are not happy in your current job and it is a preoccupation among Indian parents to send their children off for MBA programs in order to insure their future career in the same way as they selling souls for seeing their children as Doctors or Engineers.

To burst their bubble, there are many useless MBA programs that are not only waste your money and time but utter waste from it come to giving your career a boost.

Applicants from diverse backgrounds take up MBA courses which exhaust them off a lot of money and the whopping three years into the course. We tend to take most MBA programs by the face-value and tend to repent later when we spend days pounding the pavement but to no avail. This makes us realize how tough the job market is and how the inclination for MBA is raising the competition and narrowing the job market. To our added chagrin, sometimes MBA colleges levy some extra finance burden in the name of extended coaching which results in ultimate zero. Better still, if you acquire an MBA degree from a foreign university that is to say from an American University which is likely to increase the weightage of your resume in the Indian job market.

If you are already an executive and looking to boost your career, don’t fall in the trap of distance MBA programs but opt for a foreign MBA program which is comparatively fructifying. Here are the American Universities that offer full time MBA courses for the executives.

Least Selective MBA Programs –

The names are as follows:

Northern Arizona University, La Salle University, Babson College, University of New Hampshire, University of Kentucky, Clarkson University, Quinnipiac University, University of Alabama, Belmont University.

These are Least Selective MBA Programs in the US. When you are pursuing an MBA, make sure your expectations are clear to you. These US graduate schools that have been mentioned here had the highest acceptance rates in fall 2017 where more than 80 percent of the MBA applicants were accepted. These colleges are best for the aspiring executives who want to extend their careers by adding the MBA degree in their resume. Don’t be nervous about your chances on getting into a business school where you have these aforesaid options handy.

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