Top Oldest Shopping Streets In The Human History

Oldest shopping streets

Oldest shopping streets – Shopping secures a top place in the list of things to do. Thus, people have a favorite shopping arena. The entire world has amazing shopping plazas and complexes. But, there are few shopping destinations that hold historical importance. Now, you will think what history has to do with shopping plaza? Why, not. In fact, history is the one thing that bounds us to a particular market.

Okay. Let us take an example. You shop at a particular shopping plaza because of your family shops from that particular area. Similarly, your parents started shopping from the same area because their parents used to shop in that market. This is how the shopping areas have a link with history.

So, do you know the oldest shopping streets in the world? No. Then take a look at the list below and give a visit to these shopping places once in a lifetime.

Oldest shopping streets –

1 – Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France

Ranked at number one position this shopping street is one of the oldest shopperstop. The original name of this street is the Allée des Veuves means widow’s alley. In the 17th century, the women used to gather at this street for mourning. However, the street witnessed changes in the 18th century. But, the makeover of this shopping street took place in the 19th century. This was the time when the entire street used to lighten up with the colorful Mabille balls on the weekends. After which, the Avenue Montaigne, Paris become host to various fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Valentino and Ralph Lauren. Today, most of the celebrities prefer shopping here over the rest of the world. Thus, the city has won a celebrity shopstop status.

2 – Bond Street, London, England

Located in the West End area of London city this is one of the oldest shopping streets of the human history. Settled in the 18th century the Bond Street, London has a historical importance. Interestingly, the Bond Street is the only way to connect the Oxford Street and Piccadilly area. Thus, the locals used to shop everything from this place. In the early 18th century, the place uses to have local grocery and other clothing stores. But, the 19th century brought an amazing change to this shopping street. The more traders started setting up shops here and then this shopping area turned into a home of brands. You can have a glimpse of various famous celebrities while shopping here.

Oldest shopping streets

3 – Fifth Avenue, New York City (NY), United States

The United States is home to several shopping streets. The Fifth Avenue, New York City is one of the oldest shopping streets in the human history, Located in Manhattan, this shopping area is full of branded stores and designer boutiques. Also, the amazing collections here during the Christmas festival help you look different from others. This is why the celebrities since the 19th century love to shop to here.

Oldest shopping streets

4 – Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills (CA), United States

Rodeo Drive is a terminus that connects Beverly Drive and Sunset Boulevard in the Beverly Hills area of USA. Incepted in the year 1865 this is a traders place. Although, the street got a makeover the 19th century when the Beverly Hills hotel was built here. The building of this hotel increased the price of this area. Thus, a lot of fashion brands showed the willingness to open outlets here. Since, then, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills (CA), United States has been one of the major shopping streets of the world. The inception of branded outlets in the 19th century allows us to count this market as one of the oldest shopping streets in the human history.

Oldest shopping streets

5 – Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is the dream destination for tourists across the world. The scenic beauty of nature makes you fall in love with this place. But, there is one more reason to visit this awesome country. That is the famous shopping street of Zurich.

This place is one the most expensive shopping streets in the world. The architect of this street amazes people as the place has huge branded outlets with the tram running in between the pedestrian path. Bahnhofstrasse Street is famous for original Swiss watches and jewelry collection. Today, the street has various brands for the shoppers including Dior, Mont Blanc, Globus, Gucci, H&M, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Tissot, Louis Vuitton, Manor and Giorgio Armani to name a few. Positioned at number five, Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland is one of the oldest shopping streets in the human history.

6 – Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Famous for its electronic items, the country Japan has a beautiful shopping street of Ginza. This shopping street is famous for grocery stores, fresh seafood, and cafes. In fact, the ambiance of this shopping arena makes you feel Royal. Thus, people from across the globe visit Ginza to shopping since the 19th century.

Oldest shopping streets

These shopping stops offer a large amount of variety to the shopaholics. So, if you have the desire to buy something different then you must visit these oldest shopping streets of the human history.

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