How To Impress Your Prospective Recruiter In Just 200 Characters


Recruiters are a jaded bunch. They spend most of their time looking at resumes and know about every trick in the book. This makes them extremely hard to impress.

What you need to keep in mind is to make your resume better than the other candidates so as to grab the attention of your prospective recruiter. And the best way to do that is by showing them what you can do for the company that anyone else can’t. So rather than creating something that is long enough but not impressive, try working on things, which sets you apart from the other candidates. We tell you how to impress your prospective recruiter in approximately 200 characters.

1 – Be specific

When people ask me to describe myself I start with my name, talk about my education, career, and all. But, that is how to describe yourself verbally. When you want something to speak for you in your absence, you need to be specific. Use simple, clear and direct language throughout. For example if you’re a social media manager, you could say that you’re a result oriented social media manager. Don’t use ten words when three will do. Trying to pep up your introduction unnecessarily, to make it sound impressive, spoils the aptness of resume.

2 – Your creativity

Utilize the space to let your prospective recruiter know how you made an impact in the previous company with your creative skills. Long elaboration is not required. A sentence about how things changed in a better manner when your idea was implemented would be a good thing to share.

3 – Splitting your skills

Rather than using one word to describe what you’re proficient in, split your skills into something that makes a better impact. For example, if you’ve worked in the healthcare industry for a long time, mentioning that you’re experienced in clinical education and clinical marketing, rather than just a healthcare administrator would make the reader know more about your experience.

4 – Dynamic words

Using dynamic words might sound contradictory. But you need to understand that there ia a fine line of difference between being dynamic and bragging. Present facts in fresh and interesting language that reflects who you are. That is the best way to stand out from other candidates.

Describing yourself could be difficult at times. People generally get confused about describing themselves in writing and describing themselves verbally. What you need to remember is recruiters are busy people and so just one scan through your resume might get you the chance of getting shortlisted. Being precise, dynamic and specific is your best bet in any case.

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