How To Make Your Prospective Employer Interested In Hiring You

Being the best candidate for the job often means being the person who performs better than other applicants in the selection process.

Being the best candidate for the job often means being the person who performs better than other applicants in the selection process.

If you have the qualification and work background an employer needs, your task during an interview is to make the employer realize how good you’re for this job. When we say creating the job for yourself, we mean showing your prospective employer what you can do for a company that someone else can’t.

We share a few ways you could make your prospective employer interested in hiring you.

Assessing yourself

With a world of opportunities out there, think of yourself as Goldilocks- someone which fits ‘just right’. The job description will tell you about the employer, responsibilities you are needed to carry, and the must have skills for the position. The best way to stand out from other applicants is by analysing if you’re suitable for the job.

Bringing out skills

There are a number of talented people out there especially when employers are willing to fill the position remotely. How do you compete in that case? Once you have highlighted the must have skills from the job description in your cover letter, the next step is to think ahead. For example, if you’re going for marketing, being an author could serve you well. Sell the company your strengths, including your confidence.

Your expertise

Savvy employers interview their top candidates, so let them know you’d love the opportunity to discuss the position in more detail. Don’t just ask for the interview, give them a hint as to what you’d like to discuss. Present a few examples of standout activities you’ve experienced in similar role. Make them believe that it is they who need you and not the other way round.

Body language

Keep the interview on a positive note and at a professional level. Make sure your body language makes you sound confident. Use your posture and facial expressions throughout the interview to show that you’re listening to the interviewer as well. Be relaxed and maintain proper eye contact with the interviewer. This gives the interviewer an impression that you are a likeable person who gets along easily with others. 

Your strengths

Let’s face it. If you’ve never worked on this position before, you’re not likely to nail it, for the first time at least. The interview phase can be most instructive. Be honest and confident when you answer. After all it was because of your abilities that you got to the interview round.

If you have the qualifications and work background an employer needs, all you need to do is to make the employer feel how badly does the company need you. And the next thing you know, is you updating your social media profile with a new company on your timeline.

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