How To Nail Different Kinds Of Interviews

We will guide you through the varied interview styles and how you can bag that ‘˜so-desired job’ using these simple tips when the unexpected interview sessions are what you can expect.

It may be a little unnerving to eat in front of a complete stranger however, it might be good opportunity for you to show your potential boss that you are as composed and professional in a setup outside office as you will be in a corporate office environment.

This can be a follow-up interview and may involve more than one company member and this is conducted only to test how well you can fit in in the company culture. Your questions about the company will be more than welcomed here.

Presentation Interview

Sometimes the managers want to see you perform than listen to what you have in mind and what you can do. You might be given a business issue and asked to present solutions or give innovative ideas to the same through a presentation. 15 minutes or less is what you will get for this.

Outline the basic problem and give as many solutions as possible. But focus on solutions you think are the apt or best ones. Think and mention the resources needed for implementing the solutions. Present the content in a logical way on the board or screen and do not try out any fancy methods.

Behavioural Interview

Here you are more checked for your handling of stressful situations and behavioural patterns rather than correct or acceptable answers. Your past actions are what you are judged upon rather than what you promise for the future. You may be asked questions on how you have handled tacky situations in the past like tough clients or questioning your knowledge, maybe in your previous job.

You can format your resume accordingly for this kind of interview and include some of the work challenges and how you overcame them.

Stress Interview

This interview can include rude and sarcastic comments and questions and you may have to wait long before the interview is finally conducted. The voice might be firm and they will intentionally leave long pauses in between their questions to unnerve you, but your calm replies will be what will win you the job.

Some other types of interview situations include case and structured interviews. You may be given on-the-spot assignments and written tests that are all based on testing your skills, experience and knowledge. Be yourself, have a decent body language, avoid extra gestures, maintain eye contact and be prepared for the questions. Wear a positive attitude and bang on! You are ready to get the job.

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