Why Is Katrina Kaif In Such A Hurry To Marry Ranbir Kapoor?

This is a fictional piece on possible reasons as to why Katrina is looking like more interested in settling down with Ranbir than he is. Her recent interviews suggest that she is ready to get married.

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are a couple!

Old news, right?

Well, in a way yes because loads have been written about their simmering affair but neither of them made it official or acknowledged it in public.

The new update is that things have started to change, at least as far as Katrina is concerned. While promoting her latest release, Bang Bang, she spoke a lot about Ranbir, their chemistry, friendship, bonding etc etc. Not only about him but also about Ranbir’s sister, Kareena Kapoor as well! 

Going by the way things are moving in Kat’s life, this clearly seems a very aggressive strategy to settle down as soon as possible. Well, she has reasons as well.

Let us tell you what we think are the five most important things which are on Kat’s mind right now in regards to her marriage with Ranbir.

1) She Is Ageing!

Katrina is not getting any younger and she has to worry about her future. As such in the glam-world, there isn’t much role for the ageing actresses so it is obvious for Katrina to think and plan about her coming days, well in time. Hence she is giving such sound bytes and indirectly pressurizing Ranbir to give their marriage a serious thought!

2) Bad acting, Bad Hindi

We don’t want to comment on her sincerity and commitment, but after almost a decade of hard work, her Hindi and acting are at the same level as they were when she began her career. For a while it looked as if she is putting efforts, like in Rajneeti, but going by the roles she is doing now, it seems she is back to square one. Guess what, she must have decided looking hot and sexy is enough to get work, why to slog her ass? But with age slowly catching up, glam-quotient is bound to go down, hence the urgency to tie the knot!

3) Competition

Katrina still looks like a million bucks and can give any actress a real fight when it comes to oozing sexuality on-screen or looking breathtakingly beautiful! The problem is with other actresses, especially the junior ones who may not have these drop-dead gorgeous looks, but are immensely talented! These young girls won’t take much time to replace her from all plum projects. Katrina is therefore using her brains right now to avoid any competition and get married to the most eligible bachelor!

4) Keep Ranbir For Herself

For now, they are a couple, but who knows about tomorrow? May be Ranbir does a film with a fresh and younger actress and develops feelings for her. What will happen to Katrina who has by now invested heavily in this dude? Both in terms of emotions and time! She can’t let all her hard work go waste by delaying her marriage and letting some other chick steal Ranbir away from right under her nose! Better to tie him up in a matrimonial bond, asap!

5) Business Interests

Now, this is like really a long shot strategy, but not an impossible one. Recently Rani Mukherjee married Aditya Chopra and became the boss of one of the biggest production houses of the country, Yash Raj Films! Now Ranbir also has plans to become director and revive his grandfather, Raj Kapoor’s production house, RK Films in a big way. If Kat marries Ranbir, sooner or later, she will also become the boss of another top-shot production company in India! Being single or marrying a lesser mortal, this huge opportunity can never come her way! Smart thinking, right?

Well, this is what we think about her eagerness to get married. Honestly, we are not saying that she doesn’t love Ranbir or that their relationship is a façade; that is for them to decide! All we are wondering is why sudden need to talk about the relationship when all this while both were denying it?

Something is fishy!

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