The Way Nathuram Godse Prepared To Kill Mahatma Gandhi


Nathuram Godse – How can someone kill Mahatma Gandhi?

Nobody could believe this until it happened and the nation was left in shock because an epitome of non-violence was killed with gun shots. It was more shocking when it came out than an Indian named Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi. Though the reports those days said that Nathuram Godse was mentally ill, it really isn’t the fact.

Instead, some people think that he was a little depressed from inside or someone else had him kill Gandhi for his own interests.

The Reason of Mahatma Gandhi’s death

Nathuram Godse started to feel that Mahatma Gandhi is partial towards Hindus and he thinks more about the Muslims. Maybe he started thinking this way because he used to work at an organization where people of different mindsets used to come and one of them might have been a Gandhi hater who brainwashed Godse. Nathuram used to feel that Gandhi ji is the reason behind partition of India and now he supports Muslims more than the Hindus. He started hating the policies by Mahatma Gandhi and his hatred wasn’t just towards him but also for Jawahar Lal Nehru.

He wasn’t afraid to die

Nathuram knew that right after he will kill Mahatma Gandhi, he will be killed too. That is the reason why he was prepared to die and kept himself ready for what’s coming next. He knew that he will either be hanged to death by law or the police will shoot him or the public might beat him to death.

He did all the investigation

Nathuram Godse used to come to the public events of Gandhi Ji to analyze the scenarios around him. Though he wasn’t a professional killer, he did the work in a very smart way. He already figured out about the kind of security around Gandhi Ji so that it was easy for him to breach the same.

He practiced going to jail in his house

To prepare himself for the challenges of prison, Nathuram Godse converted his house into a jail and lived there for one year. He kept all the windows and doors closed whole day, there was no water or air and very limited food.

He did all the paper work

When police investigated at Nathuram’s house, they found out that he did all the paper work to prepare himself for killing Mahatma Gandhi. Police even submitted those papers in court to prove that it was a long term planning.

He did his research on the weapon too

Nathuram Godse did his research very well on the weapon to use for killing Mahatma Gandhi because he was aware of the fact that there is only one chance. Not just that, he prepared on shooting as well because he knew it would take him a lot of courage.

The government didn’t let the letters go in public that had everything related to preparation of Gandhi’s murder by Nathuram Godse. The planning above is a rough plan that Nathurma had and applied on a murder that shook the whole country.

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