How To Nail Different Kinds Of Interviews

We will guide you through the varied interview styles and how you can bag that ‘˜so-desired job’ using these simple tips when the unexpected interview sessions are what you can expect.

Multiple rounds of Interview

Well, it can be tricky when you have to go through several rounds for getting employed at one position, especially when you are asked the same question in every round. It becomes very difficult to give different answers or adopt varied approaches to the same question each time. These interviews might take place on the same day or over few weeks. These interviews can be traditional, group and panel interviews. While private companies and small start-ups will wrap it up in a single interview or at the most a written exam and an interview, a bigger company or a multinational firm will conduct several rounds.

The fact that you are called for the second round makes it evident that you have been good enough in the first round and they would like to know more about you before deciding whether or not to absorb you. You might meet three to five people, people from the department you have applied for, the HR, a supervisor and one of the office employees who is at a higher rank.

Your presence of mind, alert self and zealous personality will crack the deal. Make sure you get to know everything about the structure of the company, the processes involved, the challenges and responsibilities of the job position, et al before you accept the final offer. Your comments, tips and viewpoints on the company’s agendas and newer techniques might be asked for and appreciated if you do well at this.


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