Amitabh Bachchan’s New Video Is For Movie Promotion, But It Definitely Says The Right Words Against Sexism

amitabh bachchan

Right after the trailer of Amitabh bachchan’s new movie ‘Pink’ was released, he has been very vocal towards feminism and sexism.

Whether it was the letter that he wrote to his granddaughter or this new video that he has done called #Absamjhautanahi. These surely are for movie promotion but hold such strong messages that we cannot deny the fact that this man is contributing towards something great.

His recent video that he has done in association with a famous YouTube channel shows everything that a woman goes through every day, which is normal yet sexist.

Amitabh Bachchan lend his voice to all the characters and some of the lines included:

“Meeting mein red lipstick lagayegi? Are you mad?”

“Sorry, you both are VP’s but aapki salary unke jitni nahi ho sakti. HR policies.”

“Mummy jiki roti gol, papa jika paisa gol!”

“I wish jeans hi pehnleti, skirt mein sab ghoorrahe hai.”

“Bas yaar one more year of work and then marriage and settle down.”

These are the statements that almost every girl is either hearing or saying in her everyday life. And that’s what he has asked in this video, why? I mean, if we are taking such things normally in life then it states that we have accepted that women and men will always be different and discriminated. The core of sexism is not just in an industry or restricted to a specific category of people, it starts from the silly sexist poems taught in nursery, strengthens when you wear what you think the guys will find appropriate and goes on till the time when you have to get married to get settled.

By doing this powerful video, Amitabh Bachchan has yet again lend his voice and face to a campaign that a million people need to understand. Something that the world needs to know and change and who better than Mr. Bachchan could have conveyed the message so powerfully?


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