Say What? Pakistan Has His Own Ranveer Singh !

Hammad Shoaib

Meet Hammad Shoaib, if you don’t meet him yet you will because this guy yet another person who will soon go viral for his close resemblance to Ranveer Singh.

Hammad Shoaib ‘s Instagram photos have become the talk of the town and its because he looks so much like the heart throb Ranveer Singh.

Amidst so much tension between two countries India and Pakistan, the peace lovers have found some or the other way to mend their ways and Hammad is topping the list. We literally mean this. Hammad Shoaib belongs to Pakistan but he exactly looks like an Indian actor Ranveer Singh, somethings are so destined.

Hammad Shoaib shares that he never felt that he resembles the actor but the people around him and his followers on Instagram pointed out that his face and facial features are just like Ranveer Singh. While we couldn’t agree more since his photos are the biggest, check out some of his photos right here.

Look at his eyes, isn’t it exactly like Ranveer ?

Also the beard and moustache is so much like Ranveer Singh from Ramleela, we are not sure whether Hammad has been sporting it deliberately or is it just another co-incidence.

The best part is that both Ranveer and Hammad have this similar body built up, the poise and the way both pose in front of the lens is just same.

We all remember how Pakistani Chaiwala became a sensation overnight and now its Hammad’s turn.

He might just become famous for his looks. We wonder what Ranveer Singh will have to say about his doppleganger or rather it would be amazing if Deepika Padukone would share her thoughts about Hammad Shoaib any soon.

We are awestruck and now Pakistan too had its own Ranveer Singh, nothing to envy us any longer. YAY!

Hammad Shoaib

Hammad Shoaib

Hammad Shoaib

Hammad Shoaib

Hammad Shoaib

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