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fresh college graduates jobs

Fresh college graduates jobs – Graduating from college gives you a very eerie feeling.

You don’t know if you should be happy about starting a new phase of life or sad about the end of a happening phase of life.

Like it or not, the happy, tension-free days of college come to an end, and the first indication of the last of your college days is when you start preparing for your placement.

No matter which field do you belong to, getting a job right after you pass out of college is a fresher’s first priority.

Here, we suggest a few fresh college graduates jobs in science, arts, commerce, and media sector you could apply for after you’re done with your graduation.

Fresh college graduates jobs –

Science stream

1 – Research Trainee

After a Bachelor’s degree in any science based research related field you can join an organization, which offers you a post of Graduate Research Trainee. Career opportunities for students in biotechnology and biomedical field are abound. Major recruiters include industries, which are engaged in processing, agricultural, and biological products.

2 – Dietician or Nutritionist

To pursue a career as a dietician or nutritionist a B.Sc. degree in Home Science is the minimum requirement. You could start early as a fresher and draw around Rs 10,000 and go up to Rs 40,000 depending on the hospital or organization you work with.

Commerce stream

3 – Accountancy

The core of all businesses, big or small, chartered accountancy is a very rewarding and challenging job.  Students from commerce stream specially have an advantage while pursuing this career. A degree in B.Com is the minimum requirement to take the Common Proficiency Test in accountancy.

4 – Taxation

Your B. Com degree puts you on the path of your career, but does not exactly open every door. You need to make the right choice of working with the right company and absorbing the expertise of the industry.

5 – Auditing

A B.Com degree with majors in accounting, finance or economics is the minimum requirement for a career in auditing. Large accounting firms and internal audit departments typically prefer candidates with certifications such as Certified Public Accountant or Certified Internal Auditor.


6 – Lectureship

Though a Master’s degree is preferred over Bachelor’s when it comes to lectureship, a B. Ed with your general Bachelor’s degree is an added advantage. Depending on the subject, you chose as your major, you can choose to teach in a particular subject at school or college level.

7 – Business administration

A Bachelor’s degree in business administration qualifies graduates for entry level positions as assistants or managers at small or medium sized companies. You can choose your department according to your specialization like healthcare or finance.


8 – Journalism

With a Bachelor in journalism you can either be a journalist or an offsite correspondent on your preferred category. A number of job vacancies are open with leading news channels and newspapers.

9 – Writing/Content editing

Though you don’t really need a degree in media related field for writing jobs, candidates with a Bachelor in mass media or journalism are preferred over others. You can work with digital or manual media depending on your preference in a particular field.

These are fresh college graduates jobs – As fresh college graduates you need to concentrate very well on the type of job you want to work for. Your fist job effects your career to quite an extent. There is a plethora of opportunities out there, all you need to have is the right attitude and qualifications for your dream job.

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