6 Things Freshers Should Avoid While Looking Forward To Recruitment

Here are a few things you should avoid while applying for jobs…

It’s almost time when you start applying for jobs. For those who are already placed and not satisfied with the organization they are going to be employed with, here are a few things you should avoid while applying.

#1. Not performing enough research

You might know the organization very well and may not feel the need to know a li’l more about it, but it is important that you perform a bit of research on the company’s performance in the last few years, the job profile you’re applying for, the work you’ll have to do there etc.

#2. Being overconfident

Just because you have a high percentile in all semesters and you are fluent with the ‘lanuguage of communication’ does not guarantee that you will bag the job. Possessing practical knowledge about the subject, presenting yourself in the best way, your personality etc. are some of the major things that leave a good impression on the recruiter.

#3. Underestimating yourself

Being nervous is very humane while you go for a job interview. Recruiters generally tend to understand that. But do not misinterpret their calming-you-down attitude as points getting added for you. That is a big No-no.

#4. Unprepared for the job

You got to know about the recruitment drive of this company just a day in advance. Just because you want to give it a try, you go for the test. Attempting the job unprepared impacts your chances of getting the job very negatively. Remember that the job market is very tough. If you have a feeling anywhere near to “I don’t think this will turn postive results,” there are more chances of losing it than getting it.

#5. False claims

Lying about important facts is the biggest reason people lose the job. If you fail to  qualify for the job, do not lie about it in your résumé or during the interview. Remember that, employers do a good amount of research before offering you the joining letter.

#6. Discussing factors that support your finance

While going through the interview round, talking about your salary or payment in any way, is a big no-no. Talking about your debt settlement issues will land you into leaving a bad impression on the recruiters.


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