Murder mystery solved ‘“ Aarushi Talwar killed by parents

Maybe Talwars lawyer will speak the truth in a book titled ‘“ ‘˜We Are Our Daughter’s Killers’.

A Ghaziabad court on Monday held dentist couple, Rajesh and Nupur Talwar guilty of murdering their 14-year-old daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj, which carries a minimum sentence of life term or death sentence.

Reportedly, the dentist parents were convicted of murder and destruction of evidence among other offences, under Sections 302 and 201 of the Indian Penal Code. Rajesh Talwar has also been convicted under Section 203 for filing a misleading FIR.

The court will pronounce the quantum of punishment for the Talwars on Tuesday.

We all are aware of this very-famous Aarushi Talwar and (Hemraj murder case). Hemraj murder case is in bracket as not many people worry about how he was killed. What this world wanted to know was how, why and who killed them. Moreover, was that murderer so clever that the guilty was never caught or say was caught but was never convicted because of lack of proof?

It was early morning on May 16, 2008, when the Talwars domestic help reached their Noida flat, and the body of 14-year-old Aarushi was found in her bedroom. Both police and Talwars first blamed the missing domestic help, Hemraj, for the murder. But Hemraj’s body was found on the terrace the next day, with injury marks very similar to those found on Aarushi’s body.

Noida police received criticism for various lapses in investigation and just a week after the murder, Rajesh Talwar was arrested by the police, claiming that Aarushi and Hemraj were found in a ‘compromising’ position and Rajesh had attacked them with a golf club.

In all these years during the court proceedings, the action in court sometimes had shades of a Bollywood drama when defence lawyer performed a demonstration of the attack of golf club on motorbike helmet and a dragging scene by putting a man in a bed sheet before the judge, claiming that dentist couple would have not been able to drag Hemraj’s body to terrace.

I am not going dig into the details as you have all read the stuff on Wikipedia. But the latest news is that yes, Dr. Nupar and Rajesh Talwar killed their daughter and the domestic-help Hemraj.

I also believe the same. However, Talwars lawyer has said that he would appeal in the higher court for justice and according to media reports; Rajesh and Nupur Talwar broke down in court after being found guilty.

“We are deeply disappointed, hurt and anguished for being convicted of a crime we did not commit,” the Talwars said in a statement, swearing to continue their fight for justice.

So, the case would continue and of the authorities were not able prove them guilty in the higher court, they both will go on to live; until death. And it would be after their death that the real-truth would emerge. And I believe that there are only three people who are aware of the truth; the couple and the lawyer, since there are barely any evidences against anyone in the case. But you never know that once they die, the lawyer will speak the truth and a book would follow on the same, titled – ‘We Are Our Daughter’s Killers’.

I even speculate if it is already decided between couple and lawyer that the fees would be compensated depending on the sale of the book. The book will include everything since the last six months of Aarushi and till the last few days of Talwars. In the book, they will tell why and how they killed Aarushi and Hemraj and most vital how did they manage to save themselves for so long.

I am supposing an angle of honour killing. Without doubt this book would be a hot-seller and I’ll buy for sure.

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