Fashion Designing and Its Career Prospects For Creative Mind


No doubt the fashion designing career is not for anyone unless who wants creativity in her career. Designing as are career is for those who can create designs, a person who hates to sustain in a monotonous career. The person who can handle difficulties and complications, after all, they will need to have these skills to implement their designs practically.

Progressive career prospects are seen for fashion designing whoever has been able to work and gain experience skillfully working in the field as a fashion designer. Scope in fashion designing:



Be your boss by working as an entrepreneur, you can find several fashion brands with unique collections of dresses and other apparel. The fashion industry is always searching for a new group of unique and attractive collections that are created by fashion entrepreneurs. They can make their designs and brand that are sold in the fashion industry. Sukhinder Singh the CEO of JOYUS, an entrepreneur with a video fashion platform, it is a start-up that connects buyers and fashion industry to share their opinion.


Fashion consultant
Another independent and creative platform after learning fashion designing if you want to explore different sectors in fashion designing you can work as a fashion consultant. What do you do as a fashion consultant? Popular stylist like Rachel Zoe who has created popularity with her TV show, fashion consultancy is one of the hot cake in career for designers. Offer consultancy regarding the dress type, colors, and hairstyle with accessories.

Fashion designer/ Assistant designer

The oldest and popular profession of fashion designing is a fashion designer. One can start as an assistant designer working under popular designers. While you have to work as a professional in the production of branded wears, design management along with the planning of marketing strategy, quality and promotion controls.

Calvin Klein and Coco Chanel are the popular fashion designer in the world.


Costume designer
Costume designers are mostly seen in films, the style and costumes carried out are all designed by the designers. Bhanu Athaiya, Manish Malhotra’s designed collections are seen in several Bollywood movies. Costume designers work with an idea of various creative designs and a clear idea of fabrics, scales, and color blends.


Pattern Designer
One of the unique professions of pattern designers, one has to be creative and skillful with the type of product to be made and the texture to be incorporated. Textile designers work in large factories to provide massive guidance to textures on products. You find different types of pattern work such as geometric, logo, fabrics, and other forms of pattern work.


Fashion Illustrator
Experts who work in fashion designing and put the ideas of designing by drawing or painting are termed as illustration. This is a method of expressing the visuals of designing ideas on paper, fashion illustrators are on high demand required in the fashion industry.

Fashion designing is one of the popular professions in which merchandisers, retailers, and designers work for fashion. Fashion is always in need of new and trendy as well as unique, in a few cases ethnic fashion evolves, but a fashion designer can find the best for kids to the old age.

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