No Matter What You Do, You Can’t Excel Anywhere Without This

Communication skill

Communication skill – Why are we humans the supreme of all the species?

Because we can communicate what we think or go through. Communication is an integral instinct of all living things. The most important bearings of communication is best understood when there is lack of it.

Of course there is more to communication than just talking and gestures, which is why no matter which field or stream you work for or pursue as a career, you cannot survive without apt communication skill.

Communicating the intended message clearly and effectively is an important skill which is often a key factor in deciding the chances of success. How well do you transform information from one entity to another decides your magnitude of being successful in life. In every sector, from medicine to media to engineering to building and what not, you need to focus diligently on communication to convey your ideas in the best way. Connectively, no matter which field you’re pursuing as a career, no recruiter would prefer you over other candidate unless your communication skill overpowers that of others.

When it comes to corporate sector, the most difficult part is where the human resources are managed. This is one of the most random and volatile department which must be managed with dexterity to reach desired goals. The salience of communication in workplace is manifold as it involves communication along vertical, horizontal and parallel organizational levels. Without a clear understanding between the sender and receiver, the smooth running of the organization is highly unlikely.

Speaking of relationships, well, I don’t really think an elaboration is required when it comes to the importance of communication in our personal lives. All I can say is that is it so not possible for people to be in relationships without having regular, smooth and clear communication.

As living beings we need to express and understand the feelings of others. Agree or not, but the human society thrives totally on communication.

Civilizations have risen and fallen based on how good were they at maintaining sound relations with the rest of the world. No wonder, difficult situations get resolved by sitting and talking things out.

All we need is some effort on our part to identify and avoid barriers to effective communication.

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