These Are The Ways To Develop Truly Effective Communication Skills

Effective Communication

Effective communication – Humans are the supreme of all the species, because they can communicate what they think of.

Communication is an integral instinct of all living things, which is why it is considered a key factor in deciding the chances of success.

No matter which field or industry you work for, you cannot survive without apt communication skill. However, when it comes to job coaching, few employers are more assertive about communication as compared to others.

Here are a few ways you can develop effective communication skills.

Effective communication

– Confidence

I was in the final year of college, and was attending a seminar, which required me to give a presentation on a topics related to syllabus. The evaluation would be based on my presentation, explanation of things, and the way I clear the doubts. Though I wasn’t sure about one of the answers, yet I tried and tried with full confidence. And trust me, nobody questioned me about the sources.

The tone of your talk, does not just reflect what kind of person you are, but also tells the other person, about your level of confidence regarding the topic. So, even when you are not sure about something, never sound as if you doubt yourself. That said; avoid using “um” or “mmm” when in a formal conversation. Only if you show confidence, will people listen to you in a intimidating manner.

– Opinion

Whether powered by belief, knowledge or experience, being opinionated creates a different impression of you. Generally speaking, everybody has opinions. Shy or introvert people are less likely to openly express themselves, especially when they are surrounded by people who might disagree with them. Expressive or extrovert people are prone to express their opinions to anyone who listen to them, hence termed as expressive. The more you express your opinion, more will you be valued (provided it’s relevant).

– Encourage criticism

Communication issues at workplace, more than often, are less about communication and more about defending oneself. Maybe the criticism you received, was for your own good. Think about it- if a colleague at work or your boss talks negatively about your way of working, does it not mean that your efforts are being noticed? Well, that’s one of the good things about criticism. People who ask relevant questions, and strive to understand all perspectives of the issue, are generally considered as good communicators.

– From all perspectives

Does not really matter if you’re an employer or employee, think about what others are trying to tell you. A motivational speaker is someone who sees himself/herself in the position of the listener and talks about improvement. To set yourself apart from others, you need to understand that everyone carries their beliefs, knowledge, experiences, and assumptions. Talk about what you think or feel about things and not what you hear from others.

These are the ways to develop Effective Communication – Civilizations have risen and fallen based on how good were they at maintaining sound relations with the rest of the world. No wonder, some of world’s best leaders, founders, and most influential people are good communicators.

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