#MangalyaanSuccess: Career Lessons We Get To Learn From The Success Of MOM Mission

While social media websites are flooded with congratulatory messages and good wishes for the ISRO team, we see what career lessons we can learn from the first success of the MOM mission.

Bringing to life, the dreams and aspirations of a number of fellow Indians today, India’s first attempt at an interplanetary mission, became a success.

When the Mangalyaan spacecraft left the Earth’s sphere of influence nine months back on December 4th, India was listed the fourth country in the world and first in Asia to accomplish such a feat successfully.

Of course there are a number of factors that contributed to such a success. India has made and launched rockets and satellites for decades now, and obviously the results that we got, has had its source, here on our very own ground.

While social media websites are flooded with congratulatory messages and good wishes for the team, we see what career lessons we can learn from the first success of the MOM mission.

– Result oriented

The cost of Mangalyaan project is approximately Rs 450 crores. This is by far the cheapest interplanetary mission, the world has ever known. The concerned team at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) had a set a budget and target for the completion and launch of the project. And they did it, with all the resources they had and the efforts they put in to achieve the desired result.

Being result oriented makes you see the end on your mind, the target you set for yourself. And to achieve the target you would look for the best and fastest way possible, which would make you much more focused on your efforts and action.

– The process of learning never stops

Dr K Radhakrishan, Chairman, ISRO quotes, “We are a learning organization. So after success you won’t see great jubilation. We just come together and discuss our observations on what to do better next time. We learn from failure and success and institute our corrections.”

Does not matter whether you’ve experienced more successes or failures in life until now. There’s always something or the other, good about a failure. Something you did not know of before, but learnt from your failure, is a success in itself.

– Concentrate on targets

The team working on the Mangalyaan mission was given 15 months to conceive, design, create, test and launch the mission, which made the mission a priority for every scientist on board. They created their own schedules, based on their feasibility studies and consultations, without being directed on anything. A single error could make all of the calculations and procedures go wrong.

Concentrating on your target is one of the most important steps in career planning. Unless and until you’re sure of what you want at the moment, you are not going to achieve what you deserve. Your target makes you self-driven and hence enhances your potential.

– Healthy competition

On the success of the MOM mission Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi tweeted, “This too must become but a base for challenging the next frontier. Let today’s success drive us with greater vigour and conviction.”

India, on 24th September 2014, made history by becoming the first country in the world to enter the Martian orbit in its first attempt. There’s competition, but there’s also what we learn from our contemporaries.

Last, but not the least remember that your efforts will definitely pay off. If not sooner, maybe later, but they will. They failed a number of times at small things, but when it was time for their efforts to show result, they did. And the world got to see what we’re capable of.

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