All You Need To Know About A Career In Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Love exploring, developing latest machine equipments to drill into the earth? Maybe, you could do very well in petroleum engineering.

Despite the fact that this field is very attractive and high paying career option, not many people know about it. We tell you all you need to know about building a career in petroleum engineering.

What is it like working in this sector

Typically, those who take up petroleum engineering as a career are required to discover natural sources of oil and examine the same. Once graduated, engineers in this field build equipments used in extraction and processing of oil. Marketing is also one of the major responsibilities of a petroleum engineer.

Basically, the upstream sector in this field consists of everything related with the production of oil. For example, exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gases, production activities of petroleum and other products, using latest drilling technology for exploration and knowledge on latest oil reservoirs.

The downstream sector explores activities related to refining and marketing of petroleum products. Generally, when we hear petroleum engineering, all we think of is production of petroleum products. However, marketing and distribution of these products is equally important as production.


To purusue a career in petroleum engineering, you are required to have Science i.e- Physics, Chemistry and Maths/Biology as a major in HSC. Post that you could either take up B.Tech in Petroleum engineering or a B.Sc in Chemistry.

For a post graduate program in the field, you could go for M. Tech in your preferred specialisation. Also, if you are an MSc in Chemistry then that also makes you eligible to do post graduation in petroleum engineering.

But before you apply for graduation in any collge, make sure that the course is in a branch related to petroleum engineering, as many colleges offer courses similar to petroleum engineering.

Job Prospects

As the demand for petroleum and petroleum products is only expected to increase, more opportunities are expected in this field. In fact, there is great demand of efficient petroleum engineers and almost every young graduate in petroleum engineering gets a job offer from petrol and gas companies from India and overseas.

While India has recently started imparting training skills in petroleum engineering to its youth, it is the MNCs from overseas who hire Indian petroleum engineers for their various projects.

Pros and Cons

P- increase in the number of job opportunities, high pay scale and travel

C- As petroleum is available in areas which are geographically isolated places, it could be challenging to work in such a place. So, choose this field only if you have an interest in exploring new places and the endurance to suffice oil producing sites.

As the world is highly dependent upon petroleum as a source of energy, a career in the field is bound to be attractive and challenging. If you have the passion to explore new places, and oil production sites, this is the thing for you. Loved the Hollywood movie, Armageddon, didn’t you?

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