Know How Much Petrol India Consumes In A Day

Diesel and Petrol

Diesel and Petrol consumption in India is really high, after all India is the largest market in the world.

From local to foreigner products, here everybody can get anything and everything, and perhaps this is the reason why most of the countries love to maintain friendly relations with India. A trillion dollar business happens every day in the Indian market but you probably don’t know how much diesel and petrol get consumed in a day.

Friends, the price of petrol and diesel in the rule of Modi Government is skyrocketing, but despite the price hike common man is bound to buy petrol on the daily basis as their daily activities are incomplete without it.

Yes, regardless of the price people are compelled as they need it. So let us now tell you what is the daily consumption of diesel and petrol in India.

Diesel and Petrol consumption in India –

In terms of population, our country comes second in the world and now the day is not so far when we will reach the first position with a tag of the most populated country in the world. Mind you! it is not a good achievement.

In this highly populated country, thousands of cars and trucks are running on the roads. And apart from big vehicles, motorcycles and scooters are so common. A large part of the major industry is depended on these vehicles. Only trucks, trains, etc. use fuel rest all the vehicles needs petrol and diesel only.

Diesel and Petrol

The Daily Consumption

Let us tell you that due to the increasing number of vehicles in the country, 12 billion litres of petrol and 27 billion litres of diesel get consumed every day.

Diesel and Petrol

States With Low Consumption

There are some states in India where there is less consumption of petrol and diesel. In 2016-17, the lowest consumption of petroleum products across the country was in Lakshadweep. In the whole year, only 13800 tonnes of petroleum have been consumed in this state. Then the second lowest consumption state is Sikkim, with 1.04 lakh tonnes and Mizoram with 1.17 lakh tonnes consumption.

Diesel and Petrol

State With Highest Consumption

In this case, the country’s economic capital is at the forefront. According to data, the consumption of petroleum products in Maharashtra is the highest in the country by the year 2016-17. In this case, Gujarat is second and third is UP. Some of these states have comparatively low population but the per capita income is high therefore the industry is huge consequently there is more consumption of petrol and diesel.

Diesel and petrol consumption in India is constantly increasing. In the last few years, the number of vehicles in India has increased very rapidly and this is the reason that demand for petrol and diesel has also increased and due to this, the government has increased its prices too.

Moreover, the diesel and petrol consumption in India is way too much. There are people who believe that the rising price of petrol can cause a huge loss to the Modi government in the general election, 2019. Well! instead of getting into its politics we would inform you that it is a non-renewable resource so we should limit its consumption so that we can save petrol for our future generations as well.

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