Dream Big With A Career In Digital Marketing !

Career in Digital Marketing

Career in Digital Marketing – This world coalescing with the internet and it has shrank to a single click.

From medicines to list of best doctors, from grocery to natural vegetables everything is available at the fingertips.

Get your mobile or lappy connected with the Wi-Fi and you are into the global village. From latest news to latest fashions, history to technology, movie tickets to travel plans; each and every information is available in the digital world. For this perfect conjunction, you have the market available in your cozy corner.

We all know that, marketing has always evolved depending on the media customers are dependent on and using wildly. From print, to radio to television marketing has walked a long way and now it is ruling the world with the digital industry. There would very few people who are unaware of Flipkart or amazon, in this era of smartphones.

Career in Digital Marketing

A team of people works behind the screen, to bring forward various products and services to the customers within their click-reach. They are the head scratchers and strategy hatchers, who makes sure that the products reach to its concerned public in just a few steps.

With growing market in the digital world, the career scope in this field is also increasing. Some of the jobs which we can take up in digital marketing, are as follows:

Career in Digital Marketing –

  • Digital marketing manager, which calls for 5-7years of experience in digital marketing. They look after the marketing development and hatches the strategies to get more traffics for their product. This position promises a handsome salary to the stakeholder. The salary varies from 5-12 lakhs per annum, depending on the experience of the employee and the company.
  • For designing the websites, which is the landing page of the brands and products there are web designers. They make the websites attractive and user-friendly. In this field you can expect the salary between 3-7 lakhs per annum.
  • Social media executive, whose job is not restricted to twitting and Facebooking, but they have to keep an eagle-eye on the existing trends ruling the internet. They plan strategies accordingly and co-ordinate with the content and client-servicing team regularly, so the quality content in form of ads, videos or blogs reaches the concerned. The jobs require lot of knowledge about the social media field and it is thirsty for creativity. Social media managers earn around 4-8lakhs each year.
  • Without a perfect audience in form of traffic, all strategies go in vain. To get maximum traffic, so that the company’s website is all over the web, the media team needs SEO executives. They are responsible for diverting the traffics to the concerned websites and in improving the google ranking of the company. So that, whenever a product is typed, the brand or company website is highlighted at the top in the list. They make sure that the content is user friendly and searches for the keywords to get maximum traffic. An experienced SEO manager can withdraw up to 3-7lakhs per annum.
  • When you have the power of pen, and confident enough to give keyword-oriented contents out of the web, then the job of content marketer/writerand copywriteris perfect for you. With the wordplay you can earn up to 3-5lakhs per annum.

Career in Digital Marketing – The aforesaid career options are the most searched, other than these one can earn lakhs by working as analytics manager, Email marketing manager, PPC executive and many more.

Career in Digital Marketing

When the world is taking to the internet for all of its functionaries, then in this era it is for sure that the digital market will rule the near future. So, if you are attracted towards the digital media and are internet savvy then digital market is the perfect place where your career can bloom.

There are various courses available to help you hit the bull’s eye with the technicalities of the digital market and make sure that your foundation is strong enough to face the ebb and flow of the internet media. With ever changing trends and ever-growing market, it is very challenging and thrilling journey overall.

Career in Digital Marketing

You may not have bean bags, cup of brewing coffee or Brad Pitt and Angelina in your office, but you will surely have a perfect team to rock the digital market. Team spirit and thirst for learning something new which is everchanging makes this industry a truly worthy for this tech-savvy generation, who doesn’t believe in stagnation.

Career in Digital Marketing – Start weaving your dreams and stop not until it is achieved and a career in digital industry is perfect if you want to grow with this world. All the best!

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