Internet Of Things Will Completely Change The Face Of Digital Marketing!


Technology is evolving at a fast pace.

In 80’s we had big computer, mainframe server which were kept under closed door away from anyone’s access.

Slowly we moved to personal computer and so on.

Today technology has made such progress that we can track the location of a moving vehicle and even do shopping sitting at home. This has been possible because of Internet of things.

Internet of things (IOT) is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity to enable objects to exchange data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices.

IOT is a fairly new technology which is gaining popularity at a greater speed. It is believed that by 2020 it will consist of almost 50 billion objects.

We hear term like e-homes or smart home, tracking system or smart watch; these are few example of IOT.

IOT is the next big thing and it’s going to affect everything, from how we run home to a farm land. Now the biggest question is how will connected device impact consumer and digital marketing.

With evolution of IOT the product and consumer will get smart and well connected over internet; a huge amount of data does and will float across the network. And as a digital marketer, we will have to think how to intelligently incorporate these new devices into marketing strategies.

Companies and marketing agencies will have real behavioural data of customer like what they see on internet or TV, what are their preferences – from setting temperature of room to the kind of music or automobile they prefer.

When companies will have data, their basic challenge will be how they responsibly leverage all of the data points that these products will create in order to truly deliver one-to-one marketing that is relevant.

Digital Marketers will no longer have to rely on banner or pop based marketing. Consumer will be free of unwanted sms, email and calls. Advertisement will be 100% aligned with their interest, behavior and past purchase.

How is this possible?

An example would be your smart home!

Your smart home will detect the life of a connected device like bulb, fan, appliances etc. Provide you digital coupon from various brand to replace the same. This will not only save consumer’s time with relevant ads but also save thousand dollar of marketing budget. This will provide marketers a better understanding of their customer and help them becoming a resource instead of hindrance.

Today’s marketing will completely changed, once IOT booms. Banners, SMS, eMails, and cold calling will be history.

So marketers should start planning – How to use today’s data for future.

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