Rank or Class, What Would You Prefer For Engineering?

best institution for engineering

Best institution for engineering – After completing the school, choosing a stream that would help the students to build a career is very crucial.

With various engineering institutes mushrooming in the country, getting admission in one-when you have enough capital to shell out is not a big deal. But to choose the right institution, with better perspectives is a hard nut to crack.

The parents often get themselves struggling with the dilemma of going with the rank or class, while choosing the engineering college for their child. They get bewildered by the advertisements available in the print and digital media. Often getting carried away by numerous existing myths.

best institution for engineering

As soon as the students join the science stream, their race for cracking various engineering entrances from IIT, AIEEE, etc. commences. After two to three years of consistent hard-work, they become eligible for the elite and top-ranked institutes. Then the choice of institution by the parents and students are often garbed by various existing myths, which are as follows:

  1. The best institution for engineering which has the status of delivering excellent results and high pass percentage, those are the best of all foundations.
  2. Engineering students with an impressive marksheet has the sound knowledge and skill.
  3. Colleges with utmost discipline and strict rules are only capable of preparing the students for the workplace in near future.
  4. As engineering is vast & serious stream so the students should only focus on studies and should avoid non-academic activities.

But, when we have an eye on existing studies and researches, it has been proved that students graduating from more liberal institutes excel in their careers. They are nothing less than the brand marksheet holders, the students from liberal &class institutes are equally knowledgeable and skilled with open approaches.

best institution for engineering

So, when you are preparing the list of institutes make sure that, your list is free from existing myths and is totally unbiased by rankings. If it is not, then the list may also contain some colleges with empty promises and tall claims which may help you to repent later.

best institution for engineering

For the best engineering institutes, we often swing between class and rank. Right? Now, to zero in to the best college all you need to look into the following factors:

Firstly, your selection should not be blindly based on the pass percentage & ranking. Remember, the institutes which gives more emphasis on scorecard, focuses more on coaching rather than teaching. Therefore, it doesn’t permit the teachers and students to think out of the box. Thus, maiming the creativity and critical approach, which is essential in existing in the highly competitive corporate world.

Secondly, the most important role in crafting the future of the student is played by their mentors. So, make sure that the institute which you are selecting should have the best faculties. The faculties who are highly qualified, experienced, open-minded and resourceful. Who are capable of creating opportunities for developing the knowledge and skill of the student. They should encourage innovation and research.

Lastly, make sure your institute has better infrastructure, employability, and institution-industry connection to help you land into a stable career.

best institution for engineering

best institution for engineering – To wrap up, the 4Cs- communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking are the traits of the best institution for engineering, which will help you in a holistic development rather than only in academic development. So, don’t go by rank only, make a thorough study not only of the stream but also of the colleges before enrolling into one. Always learning while experimenting is much better than learning from books. After all there must be some difference between science & political science. Right! ( a bad joke, but hope you understand the metaphor) Hope this article would help you take a better decision. Best ranks may not give you the scope, what a class can give. The ball is in your court, now decide like an engineer! Because, it is about building your career & future. VielGlück!

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