These Men Tell Us How They Ended Up Finding Their Soul Mates

finding soulmates

Finding soulmates – You can meet your soulmate any day, anytime and anywhere.

There’s no specific time or location set for it and even if it is, you just don’t know about that yet.

Love stories are made in heaven and when the plan turns out to be true here on earth, it becomes the best moment of our lives. Falling in love is easy and unpretentious.

Same happened with these couples who tell us stories of how they ended up finding soulmates.

Finding soulmates –

1 – That love for sports was the cupid

Diamonds are forever… Our love began on the baseball/softball diamond at Howard University. We both played for the university’s teams. We became friends during our freshman year and didn’t begin dating until our senior year. Howard is a big part of our lives, and we return frequently for football games, Charter Day, and other activities. We’ve been together 11 years, and we’ll celebrate our third wedding anniversary this Saturday!”

2 – Parties are meant for finding love.

We met at a house party during my freshman year. We met through my close friends while on campus and my friend became her friend. He had a birthday party, and we met! He had a car, so a couple of months later, he was rescuing me from Wheatley Hall and I was bringing over “caf” food for dinner. Four and a half years later, we have moved in together!”

3 – It all just happened!

My fiancé and I actually spent our four years at Xavier University not knowing each other. We would see each other around campus and maybe give a shy smile while heading to class but we never officially met until graduation night. It was a graduation party at a club in New Orleans. After being introduced by a mutual friend we exchanged numbers and the rest was history. We danced the night away and had our first kiss right there on the dance floor. We were inseparable the entire summer and knew from the start we had something special betweenus.”

4 – That False Alarm played well

Senior year during an early-morning false fire alarm. I stumbled out of our student apartment, sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on, and ran into this chocolate drop wearing a Knicks jersey, matching fitted, blue “Brooklyn-ized” Nikes, and silver jewelry. We spoke and parted ways. A few weeks later, we met again. A few weeks after that, we were spending every waking moment together: talking, cooking, playing Street Fighter, etc. Eleven years later, we’re happily married with a beautiful daughter, and we will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary tomorrow! God is good!”

5 – Always stay in touch

We met on the bus to a telemarketing job that employed what appeared to be half the University. We dated for only two months before I moved but stayed in touch for several years until life and distance got in the way. One and a half decades later I found her on LinkedIn; we rekindled our friendship then our romance six months later. We’re getting married next year.

They found love in a hopeless place, what about you?

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