This University Bans Kurta Pajama For Students


AMU – India is very rich in culture and when it comes to dressing it is full of diversity. In our country, clothing varies from person to person. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari you can easily find a huge range of traditional dresses and Kurta Pajama is one of the most popular traditional attires of our country.

We proud to be a part of such a country where you find unity in a huge diversity.

But unfortunately, there are few unsocial elements who always keep trying to harm this integrity of our nation. There are people who always try to attack this cultural diversity and talking in terms of clothing there is always a new controversy about wearing one or another this, sometimes people admonish women in terms of dress, and sometimes even ban jeans in girls. In the same order, this time a renowned university has banned Kurta Pajama for its students.


Let us reveal the name of this university and tell you the whole story.

Actually, this is the case of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in Uttar Pradesh.

AMU is always in the headlines for various reasons and this time the reason of AMU being in the discussion is really weird. The hostel warden of Aligarh Muslim University has created a dressing advisory for new students and students are way too angry for the same. The warden of Sir Shah Suleiman hostel has issued an advisory for new admittees which states: the new students cannot wear short dresses and Kurta Pajama.


According to the reports, a written document with this guideline is being released for new students. In this guideline, students have been told to not wear a short dress, Bermuda, kurta pyjama and Hawai slippers outside their hostel. However, students are free to wear anything inside their rooms but they are restricted to wear only formal pants and shoes or black sherwani when they step out of their rooms. Students are very angry with this ridiculous guideline of their hostel.


Yes, according to this guideline, students can step out their rooms only in shirt pants or black sherwani.

You will be shocked to know that Warden has no solid grounds to prove his advisory valid. After the controversy, the University’s Public Relations Officer said that the hostel has just issued a guideline and the students are not obliged to accept it but it has been mandated in the order issued with the sign of the Warden.

Students say that this order proves that how backward the thinking of Aligarh Muslim University is.

We hope that you know it is not the first time when AMU is in the news. Earlier they were in controversy for Jinnah’s portrait in the University and so on.

Well! it is not only Aligarh Muslim University – AMU, there are various politicians who used to make unacceptable comments on the dressing and issue unnecessary advisories especially on the dresses of girls. We have to understand this that we are living in the age of literacy and such universities and colleges are the social stakeholders and people consider them as the ideals. Such advisory from a prominent university is really disheartening. People will have to understand that clothing is a mere part of our life, not an element to judge our personalities.

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