7 Things None Of The Business Schools Around The World Teach You

While for some of them, a degree in MBA is a key to unlock high earning potential, for others it’s a method to receive training on how to start a business. We tell about a few things none of the B-schools around the world teach.

A Master’s in Business Administration is what most of the graduates look forward to post their graduation.

Though the use of a Master’s degree in business administration differs with every graduate, yet it is one of the most sought postgraduate degrees around the world.

While for some of them, it’s a key to unlock high earning potential, for others it’s a method to receive training on how to start a business.

We tell about a few things none of the B-schools around the world teach. Read on.

1. Usage of technology

Technology has revolutionized the way we think, work and act. They say more is the use of technology in teaching processes; more will be your learning capacity. But very few of the students realize that while an exposure to technology helps you understand things in a better way, it also makes you dependent on it, in an addictive manner. Advancing with technology is good, but as they say, it has its own side effects in the long run.

2. Worthiness

For two years, you learn the different aspects of business and the key skills required to be a successful businessman. What the course does not elaborate is what you’re worthy of. That said, they teach you to evaluate yourself and rate your business skills. But, learning to fail without having to hate yourself in the process, is probably the best thing that could ever be taught in a business school.

3. Feedbacks

That letting the concerned person know about your experience working with him or his organization is a trait of the well-educated class. They might give you feedback forms to evaluate the faculty’s performance, but how far do you stick to giving feedbacks when it comes to your clients and associates, is a thing to watch out for.

4. Diligence

According to current trends, being important has somehow become a symbol of prestige. While business schools help you practice innovation, they rarely teach the value of mindfulness. Being aware of your inner state, makes you realize your possibilities and hindrances in a better way. The deeper you know about them, higher will be your success rate.

5. Selling cannot be taught

Nobody, absolutely nobody, can teach you about all the elements required to sell, in a classroom. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, it is only you who can know the elements required for a successful selling process. You must have an eye for what your customers value the most.

6. Business is based on relationships

A number of times, entrepreneurs who’ve just entered the industry tend to make business using technology i.e. via calls or video conferencing. While established organizations may use these methods as they have a whole bank of employee resumes and client information, newly started organizations need to build relationship with clients and employees. And no one can deny that a personal meeting is much more productive as compared to telephonice conversations. 

7. Acknowledge and appreciate

Though these fall into skills that make a mind blowing personality, yet it is one of those important skills which makes a successful entrepreneur. The more you acknowledge what you already have, more will be your achievements. You may have a millionth portion of what your ideal organization has. But don’t oversee, that there would be a time when that organization or personality was there, where you stand today. Appreciate your contemporaries and learn from them.

The Business schools you enrol in might give you an insight into what business administration looks like and other details, however, there are a number of things they leave out.

These fundamentals will not only help you be a successful business person, but will also ensure that success never leaves your side.

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