5 Dabangg Foods That Will Give You Muscles Like Salman Khan!

Food for muscle growth – In the world of Bollywood, by now, every fanatic of the industry wants his body just like the dashing Salman Khan.

In the world of Bollywood, by now, every fanatic of the industry wants his body just like the dashing Salman Khan. The versatile actor is known for his bulky and muscular body that sends women falling at his feet. In recent films, Salman has showed off his flexible body but mostly those biceps that have made other fellow actors sweat.

But even if we, men, are looking up to Salman to bulk up, protein is not the only choice. Whey protein helps in repairing process that forces individual muscle cells to grow after workouts. All of this muscle growth requires lots of amino acids to get in shape.

But whey protein is not the only answer! Our diet also needs a healthy serving of carbohydrates to refill muscle glycogen stores and also boost up insulin, a hormone carries amino acids into the muscles.

So which foods pack that extra punch to give you the right muscle growth? Here are the top 5 foods for muscle growth.

If one is talking about muscle building and growth, then salmon is just the right fix for you. This kind of fish is loaded with protein and omega-3 fatty acids, two vital nutrients needed in build and repair muscle tissue. Furthermore, they are also rich in selenium, Vitamin D, B12, niacin and vitamin D. Other major attributes related to salmon is that it helps in reducing cholesterol and improving memory and the major point – muscle builder.



Nuts and some more of nuts, here’s almonds that could help grow those bulky muscles. They contain a lot of nutrients and are full of protein and fiber. Almonds make you feel full just at the time of repairing the worn muscles. Besides that, almonds are also known to contain healthy fats that satisfy hunger, relieve joint pain, boost cognition and provide energy.



Sweet potatoes
Forget your daily-to-use potatoes and bring in sweet potatoes if you want a ‘Sallu-isque’ physique. Since they are easy to make and sweeter in taste as well; sweet potatoes contain complex carbohydrates with vitamin A and vitamin B and fiber as well and that can help an athlete to give a full and satisfied feeling. Sweet potatoes can be consumed during pre-workout, post-workout or any time of the day.



One of the healthier fruit available in the market, apples is the best options before the workouts and is known to contain a lot of carbs, electrolytes and fiber. Their skin contains many phytonutrients which are essential for the body and plus its sweet crunch and low-calorie count make them a perfect fit on an empty tummy or on a night craving for sweet.



Vegetarians look away since chicken is an ideal muscle-building food. A 100-gram piece of is known to serve of 31 grams of protein. Chicken ranks among the top muscle-building foods and for best results, have a bowlful of boiled chicken after workouts.


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