How French Rule Taught Us Indians To Enjoy Luxury?

It was during the time of the French rule when they had ruled over India, it was from the 16th century that they started the establishment of the factories and companies the influence of which that is still seen in the Chandannagore, West Bengal with widened roads along the side of the river Ghat with sitting arrangements.

The institutes that are several years old are still existing on the opposite side of the river Ganga. Strand is built on the bank of river Ganga with the beautiful French architecture work. While if we have a look at the colonial zones we can get an idea of their French culture in India. French has always been living life to the fullest with an amazing atmosphere and excellent food. They are music lovers and love to have a pleasant life, the impression of the lifestyle still exists in India.

Spend time in dinner
Yes, you will still find dinners to run more than an hour cherishing the tastes of foods. Watching a movie on the TV or listening to beautiful music and then taking every bite to the fullest. French has always cherished their food over music and glass of wine; the influence of French culture still exists in India.

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Indians have always been known for various delicious dishes in different parts of the country. As being intensely filled heart more than their stomach they like to choose the best vegetables from the market. Every day visiting the market for green vegetables, eggs, and meat. Indians love to walk around the market to choose the best item for their classy food preparation of the day.
Once again it is from the French rule who love to visit the farmer’s market for vegetables and fruits every day. Find out the best local items and groceries for their ravishing food tonight.

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Do and think nothing
What can be more peaceful and luxurious when you have to do or think nothing? Yes, we Indians are highly inspired by their trait of doing nothing, sitting idle for hours over a single cup of tea. You will find
French to do nothing, sitting quietly they are not in a hurry thinking what to do next? They sit calm thinking over nothing productive or busy; is another luxurious influence that still Indians carry in their lifestyle.

Desserts after dinner
Another best part of the luxurious lifestyle that we Indians relish is ending the dinner with desserts served. It can be a plate of custard or sweet tomato chutney. Gajar ka halwa, rasgulla, ice cream, caramels, and several desserts that are added to dinner and lunch of an Indian. Influenced from the culture during French rule.
French have lunch or dinner in their restaurants, if you order a plate of pasta, a dessert will be served with it, so you find this stunning concept in Indians dining tables.

French rule and still existing colony “Pondicherry”

Pondicherry still influences French culture that ranges from the streets to the architecture of the houses and also the luxurious lifestyle. You will find the French villas, that are colonial French styles. Also, the walk on the roads to view the French Heritage.

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