Why Would A Girl Ignore Your Messages?


Most of the guys might have come across girls they really fell for, later they manage to exchange phone numbers but you never hear from that girl ever.

This is a sign that showcases that there’s something wrong.

I know it’s very difficult to understand ladies but still one should try and to understand your girl friend with whom you are chit chatting.

What she likes and dislikes, what can be some good conversation starters. Well, there could be lots of reasons why would a girl ignore your messages. Today we have rounded up some common ones.

Below are some important notes that one can follow so that one can understand what leads to un returned texts.

  1. Firstly, their no reply is clear signal that she is not interested in you.

This simply means you are friend zoned. It is quite often that women may give out their number to a guy but they may realize that the guy is not at all worthy of her attention and chat so may never ever reply him back.


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